What You Can Buy From Clothing Boutiques In LA

Your style is important to you, and that is why you choose classy, quality items to enhance your wardrobe. Whether you are student or a professional, clothing boutiques in LA have something for you.

New Wardrobe Classics for Work

The days of power suits for women and three piece suits for men have been replaced by more individualistic, relaxed styles. This doesn’t mean everything has shifted to super casual, however.  Take, for example, silk shirttail dresses. Soft and comfortable, they look like a long shirt, but with the right accessories and shoes, you can wear it to the office.

Ladies, your shirt tail dress has to be long enough to prevent office gossip. No minis! If your shirt tail dress is on the shorter side or you have long legs, dress it up with a pair of leggings. Add a structured jacket and you have a polished, office look. The shirt tail dress is a funky, fun piece, so keep it professional with understated accessories.

Add a belt to accentuate your waist, or a cardigan to take it from summer to winter. To transition the dress to weekend/weeknight wear, swap those pumps for ballet flats or boots and add a statement necklace or bracelet.

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Men, your classic white dress shirt has been given a makeover. Paisley, plaid, stripes and everything in between are seen on the modern man’s dress shirt. Not a fan of patterns?  Choose from an array of bold colors. Make a statement in the boardroom in a dark purple shirt or impress your date by pairing it with a dark wash jean.

Notice anything about these new classics? They do double time by going from work to play with just a few simple touches. Now that’s value for your money.

But shirt tail dresses and stylish men’s shirts are not the only things you can get form clothing boutiques in LA.

Hot Trends

Jumpsuits come and go and right now they are right on trend. Comfortable and edgy, these fashion must-haves come in a variety of colors and patterns. While best suited to the taller, willowy figure, the best way to wear a jumpsuit is with confidence.  Give it a try!

Cyclical trends for men include the “trucker hat”, which has received an update. Gone are the vintage styles and in are the sleek hats that compliment, not take away from, a casual ensemble. Speaking of hats, knit caps are also on point and take your outfit from nice to “man-about-town” in seconds.

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Designer Clothing

You know what else you can find in clothing boutiques in LA? Designer labels. Ever since The House of Worth pioneered off-the-rack-high-end fashion as we know it, wearing a designer label has been associated with something special.

Owing and wearing clothing with designer labels is, to some, presumptuous, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Wearing a label speaks to how and why you choose your clothing. Perhaps you favor a label that is known for their green or vegan practices. Maybe you like a label that designs specially for a certain body type or size. You may even like labels because you’ve worked very hard to be in a position to purchase locally-designed couture. Whatever your reason for label loving, you’ll find a label that is just right for you in the clothing boutiques of LA.


Shoes can make or break your outfit. They support your weight and they protect your feet.  Choose your shoes wisely.

Clothing boutiques in LA have shoes that you likely won’t find in department stores. These are not your mass-produced, standard-sizes only shoes. Boutique shoes are hand-crafted creations that started as sketches in designer’s notebook, moved on to carefully sourced raw materials, became hand-stitched and created and then – only then – entered into small batch production.

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Try a pair of shoes from a clothing boutique. Your feet will thank you.


When you think of clothing boutiques in LA, do you only think of chic dresses and stylish jeans? Well, hold onto your (oh-so-adorable) hats. Boutiques can also carry outerwear.

Why cover up your nice outfit with an ill-fitting, non-descript jacket when you can have a nipped-waist parka, cardigan with front snaps, wrap jacket or cozy shrug? Men have just as many options with longshoremen jackets, corduroy or wool zip-ups, hooded sweaters and elegant pullovers.

Ready for a boutique experience?

These are just a few of the things you’ll find in LA’s hottest clothing boutiques. Department and chain stores are not your only option. If you haven’t experienced the fun and many options of boutique shopping, try it out today.

This article was written by Lloyd Cleve, is an expert on lifestyle and fashion topics. He covers the topics related to clothing boutiques in this article.

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