Common Makeup Tricks That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Common Makeup Tricks That You Probably Didn’t Know About

The thing about beauty is, there is a lot to learn about it. And I agree, it becomes overwhelming at times, but quoting the cliche “I love the confidence makeup puts on me”, justifies everything. When it comes to makeup, “it is what’s on the inside that counts”, is not enough. There is a lot that goes into it.  Whether you’re a pro makeup artist that knows how to nail a perfect smokey eye or a makeup rookie who struggles with basic foundation application, these are some makeup tricks that are absolutely crucial for every makeup addict.

  • Avoid that “cakey” look

Start by gently applying the foundation all over your face, then use a tissue to firmly try to wipe it off of your cheeks. This process will make the blush layer go easy on your face without  looking unnatural. It makes your skin look fresh, glowy and breathes back life to your cheeks.

  • Perks of a complete makeup kit.
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I agree, mastering multi-functional products can be a very hefty process, but investing in a make-up kit which holds all of your beauty essentials that you need on a daily basis will save you both money and time.

  • A color that suits everyone.

Ideally, a great fuchsia tint that can help pop your cheeks and lips. Various shades of pink tones complement any skin color. Take an opaque, creamy rosegold shade of blush and mix it up with your favorite moisturizer to better blend and highlight onto your cheeks.

  • Want to get rid of dark circles? Makeup can help you.
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Apply a fast absorbing eye cream under your eyes to brighten and rejuvenate those dark areas. Then with the help of a unwanted veiny tones in your skin, followed by a concealer that should be a shade or two lighter than your foundation. In the last step, apply a pale yellow powder that will help it last longer.

  • DIY those sexy red lips

Nothing looks sexier than a bold red lip! The only catch is how to get it, without going to a makeup artist. That is what many beauty enthusiasts ask for these days -”How do I do my makeup like Taylor Swift, at home?” Here’s how. You can start by applying a very sharp lip liner that should be same as the color of your lipstick that you have applied. Smile while you apply the liner, so that, the liner blends into the skin crust of the outer lips easily Use the side of the liner to fill in your lips and then use a lip brush for precision. As a finishing touch, clean any smudges or feathering around the lip with a concealer.

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Try out these beauty tips and tricks at home and let us know how it goes!

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