Driving Traffic To Your Website

Your website is integral to your business’s marketing campaigns. Here we take a look at some ways to drive traffic to your online assets and increase customer sign-ups, sales and other calls to action.

Social Media

Any online campaign should link back to your website and encourage the user to complete the call to action on the site itself. Some of the best digital campaigns are viral ‒ games, stories, memes or other quirks that users share and subsequently encourage traffic to your site.


Competitions are a great way to attract users to your site. Host the sign-up page on your site and use online and offline methods, such as PR, social media, text marketing and print marketing, to encourage users to enter. You can add new potential customers to your database by asking the participants to sign up to a newsletter in return for a competition entry and then capturing their information for future marketing purposes. You will find plenty of information about running online competitions on user and blog sites on the internet.

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Excellent Usability

Perhaps the most important point is that your website must be optimised and designed for an excellent user experience. If your user is put off during an early visit, they are unlikely to return. Invest in a good design and build using skills from a specialist digital agency; for example, for web design in Newry, Rycoweb has a team of development professionals to build the site you need. You should also invest in user testing to ensure that every stage of your online experience works as you intend it to.

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Search engine optimisation is essential for ensuring that search engines can find your website and index it appropriately. Use rich content and key words in your headers and content and make sure that you update your content regularly, adding news stories, case studies and social media links to rank the site favourably. Another powerful tactic is to utilise reciprocal links between your website and other relevant and high-quality websites.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Don’t forget online advertising campaigns, which can be targeted for specific demographics and drive new customers to your site. These can be set up on Google, Facebook or other mainstream user platforms and can be a cost-effective strategy for targeted marketing.

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