8 Characteristics To Look For In A Lawyer

8 Characteristics To Look For In A Lawyer

When you need a lawyer, whether it is for a legal contract, criminal case, family court case, or even for a charge for failing a DWI test, it can be difficult to determine who is the right lawyer for your case. Finding a competent lawyer who is willing to take on your case as if it was his or her own can take time, research, and a few interviews. In order to narrow down your search, look for these eight characteristics:

1. Experience

While an experienced lawyer is not always a necessity, a lawyer who has been through a few cases—and won—can exponentially improve your chances at finding a lawyer suitable for your case.

2. Listening Skills

Busy lawyers often lack the listening skills required to fully understand your case. Often, it is not because they do not care about your case; rather, they are too busy to give your case the attention it deserves. When speaking with an attorney about your situation, try to determine if they are paying attention to your information. If they appear to be cutting you off during your explanation, or quick to tell you your concerns do not matter, then they might not be giving your case the attention it deserves.

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3. Communication

How is your lawyer at communicating? Sometimes lawyers have spent too much time in the courtroom and have forgotten how to communicate with clients. If the lawyer spends the majority of the time speaking in legal jargon without bothering to explain the terms to you, there is a good chance the lawyer might struggle to communicate with you during the case.

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4. Willingness to Understand

If the lawyer you are considering seems only interested in the short term effects of the case rather than the long term, he or she may not share your same desire for the case’s intended outcome.

5. Availability

In order for your lawyer to give your case the best attention possible, try to choose one who is not swamped with cases. Otherwise, he or she may not have the time to adequately take on your case.

6. Chemistry

It is wise to avoid working with a lawyer if you both lack chemistry. As you will be working toward an intended goal, it is imperative you and your lawyer are able to get along in order to maintain a good relationship.

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7. References

If possible, ask the lawyer you are interested in working with for references. Learning how others viewed their experiences with the lawyer can offer you insight on their work ethic.

8. Price

Attorney fees can range from pro-bono to sometimes $1,000 per hour. Before deciding whom to work with, get a few quotes from different lawyers. Sometimes the most expensive is not always the best for your case just like working with someone willing to take your case pro-bono does not necessarily mean they will not take your case seriously.

Taking the time to interview different lawyers will help you find the lawyer who will treat your case as if it is his or her own.

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