Why The Long Face? Rejuvenate Your Look With A Brow Lift

Stress, anger, confusion, and happiness are a few emotions that affect the way we contort our faces. These contortions can increase wrinkles on our face, especially along the forehead. A saggy forehead can cause your eyebrows to hood over your upper eyelid, giving you an undesirable, almost gloomy disposition. A brow lift is a procedure that focuses on correcting the wrinkles on your forehead and lifting your brow to a more enlivened position. Lifting your brow also makes you look more youthful, which is always a good thing.

Different Types of Lifts

  • Classic Brow Lift: a classic brow lift is a procedure in which the surgeon makes a single cut at the level of your ears, then up and along your hair line to make any scarring practically invisible. The skin tissue is then pulled to create a taut appearance along your forehead, getting rid of those droopy eyebrows. This type of procedure is more commonly practiced, and is more reliable since it has been in practice longer than the endoscopic lift.
  • Endoscopic Brow Lift: this procedure is much more complex than the classic lift. Instead of one long cut along your hairline, during the endoscopic lift procedure, the surgeon makes a couple of shorter cuts in your scalp. Once the cuts have been made, the surgeon inserts a tube with a camera at the end into one of the cuts. The surgeon then inserts another device into another cut to make the necessary changes. Small anchors are used to hold your tissue in the required position. This procedure is less invasive than the classic lift. Allowing for a shorter recovery time and minimal scarring.
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Advantages of a Brow Lift

A brow lift can boost your self-esteem extravagantly. Wrinkly foreheads and saggy eyebrows are a sign of aging and poor facial maintenance—both of which are not a good look on anyone. Improved self-esteem helps you take on challenging goals, allows you to carry yourself with confidence, and ultimately leads to you being your unconditional self. Just don’t let it get to your head. Saggy eyebrows can make you look depressed or upset, which will cause people to try to avoid you. But lifted, more alert looking eyebrows make you look friendlier which can increase your social life. People won’t be as intimidated to initiate conversation with you, if you don’t look angry and depressed.

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As with any medical procure, a professional consultation with a licensed practitioner is a must. The more you share about what you want from the procedure, the better they can tailor a procedure to fit your needs. Sometimes surgeons may ask you to make some lifestyle adjustments so just be prepared for anything.

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