All About Water Damage and Restoration: You Need To Know

All About Water Damage and Restoration: You Need To Know

Water damage is a common problem for most households, especially when the water lines are not periodically inspected or house gets old. In case of water damage situations, restoration becomes an urgent necessity. Excess moisture is a perfect breeding place for all kind of microbes and in due time the microbial growth can create a dirty mesh in your house. Anything that is composed of cellulose (or any other organic matter) is vulnerable to microbial influences.

Notwithstanding our efficiency and endeavor to deal with the problem, it is always advised to contact a professional water extraction technician to resolve the issue.

Using moisture meters can enable the technical experts to diagnose the amount of moisture present in the house. Once done, extracting the excess water by pumping or suction tubes is the next step. In general, heavy machinery like air movers is used to get the home cleaned up. In adverse situations, the time taken is longer but on an average, a few days of efficient administration is enough to get the job done.

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What household appliances are more susceptible to water damage?

  • Washing machines

Nearly all houses have washing machines and due to the error in its functioning, leakage can cause water damage.Improper installation, manufacturing defects and age of washing machine are the chief reasons for it’s malfunctioning. Made of reinforced rubber, washing machine hoses lose resiliency thereby resulting in leaks and cracks.

Also, studies reveal that if the house remains unoccupied for a long time, the risks are magnified. The following graph illustrates the variation lucidly.

It is recommended that the house should be regularly monitored to detect the kinks or blisters; even the water supply should be kept under periodic inspected.

  • Plumbing supply and drainage

We may remain vigilant about superficial things but devote less time to look for the root problems. While newly built homes are less likely to suffer drainage issues yet, accidents are prone to occur especially in the south regions of the country. You can visually inspect the condensation around the pipes and the plumbing pipes, in general, to detect if there is any obvious corrosion or leak. Also, you may like to pay attention to your water bills, having a disruptive bill might indicate about the unnoticed leaks.

  • Toilet overflowing
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The most common problem for all households, regardless of geographical location, toilet clogging accounts for more than half of water leakage. Typically the problem in flushing water can be a one-time indication of some possible water damage. Homeowners will need to resolve issues at the preliminary stage to ensure no major loss in terms of cost and property. Regular inspection and careful usage can prevent water damages but if the situation turns out of hand, it is strongly recommended to consult a certified technician to do away with the issue.

Why do you need a professional technician to repair the water damage?

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As such the damage caused by water leakage or burst is extensive and is likely to impact other household equipment. Unregulated water leakage can cause a short circuit in electrical appliances and internal wiring thereby inviting hazardous troubles to your sweet home. As a homeowner, you can see the damage superficially which may not be in your best interests all the time. On the other hand, a certified professional, is trained to deal with such situations. Experience and expertise guide the technician to look beyond our ordinary perception and detect issues even at a preliminary stage. In the aftermath of an adverse and unregulated water damage in Houston and other parts of the country, emergency water extraction technicians have served the common good by rendering adequate services throughout the year. So, unless the issue is minor and in your control, you can think of calling a professional to help you restore the well-being of your house.

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