5 Of The Best Celebrity Surgeries

Many celebrities have decided their appearance could be enhanced by cosmetic surgery, and some are happy to admit it. With some others, we cannot really be sure whether they have had work done, but the following stars all seem delighted with their new looks.

Scarlett Johansson

5 Of The Best Celebrity Surgeries

Scarlett has told friends that there is no fun in being an old hag, and she definitely believes in plastic surgery to prevent becoming wrinkly as she gets older. Her nose job, however, is another matter, and she has always denied having a rhinoplasty. As a matter of interest, according to the Science Museum, this is the oldest cosmetic surgery procedure, having been developed in around 500 BCE in India.

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Britney Spears

5 Of The Best Celebrity Surgeries

Britney certainly doesn’t look much older than when she first shot to fame more than fifteen years ago. Her cosmetic surgeon is the world famous Dr Raj Kanodia of Beverley Hills.

Olivia Colman

5 Of The Best Celebrity Surgeries

The Broadchurch actress has revealed that she has had Botox a few times in gaps between acting roles. Now 41, she feels that it helps to keep her looking youthful and says she loves it. According to a report in The Express, she kept it secret from her husband at first, but he loves it too. Check out www.cosmeticsurgeoncambridge.co.uk for this and many other procedures.

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Kate Middleton

5 Of The Best Celebrity Surgeries

The Duchess of Cambridge has been the subject of many rumours about cosmetic surgery, including speculation that she has had a rhinoplasty and a post-baby tummy tuck. However, the only sure thing is that she has had some cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic surgeons practise throughout the UK, so you can easily find a cosmetic surgeon in Cambridge.

Jennifer Aniston

5 Of The Best Celebrity Surgeries

For many years, Jennifer Aniston denied having had any cosmetic surgery, but many people believe she has had not one but two nose jobs. Before and after photos indicate that she may also have undergone breast augmentation and work on her lips. Recently, Jennifer Aniston admitted to Conan O’Brien that her complexion was enhanced by intense laser peel procedures that burn off the top layers of skin, allowing it to regenerate perfectly.

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You don’t have to be a celebrity to have cosmetic surgery, and if you wish to keep it private, it is much easier for the average man or woman in the street than for the famous.

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