Australia’s Largest Ever Anti-terrorist Raids In Sydney and Brisbane, 15 Suspects Arrested

Australia’s Largest Ever Anti-terrorist Raids In Sydney and Brisbane, 15 Suspects Arrested

This morning’s huge anti-terrorist raids in Sydney and Brisbane, senior law enforcement, said to ABC this morning (18 September 2014) police raids took place because of the information that the threat to public.

It is informed all the people to be alert, it was the first raid ever conducted in Australia, this morning, police raid 25 suspected homes in Sydney and Brisbane this Thursday morning. The forensic experts, spy agents ASIO and 800 uniformed police officers were included in this strict raid.

After the raid the officers secured seizure of Computers, few documents and arrested almost 15 suspects, Omarjan Azari is one of them aged 22 years old. After the interrogation the suspect’s names will be revealed, and all these suspects will attend court in Sydney within a few days.

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The official’s says that they are more worried about the English speaking Senior Muslims community who belongs to Australia at present, the law enforcement source told ABC that the people who normally calm down the hotheads are not here.

A few days ago Australian police arrested two men in Brisbane who were prepared to fly to Syria; they were recruited jihadists and money for the al-Qaida offshoot group Nusra Front. The raid conducted in Brisbane on Thursday is because of the two men arrested earlier, and it is not still clear that why Sydney and Brisbane are linked in this police raid.

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This news brought fear in Australian people, not only the citizen it is including the vast majority of this country’s long-established moderate Muslim community, the police are doing at their best with raids.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said that Operation Hammerhead which includes extra police Security near public transport, Mostly Crowed places and at Iconic buildings

Not only Australia many other countries like the British are has threat from the Islamic state, Anthony John Prime Minister of Australias sending 600 troops to the Middle East to assist the fight against Islamic State. Security forces clearly face a battle at home.

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Officials believe that almost 60 Australians are working in group with Syria and northern Iraq, and already 15 Australian’s were killed in these conflicts which includes 2 suicide human bombers. The latest news say that more than 100 Australian Citizen is part of these groups and it may be less difficult to identify them faster.

Australia has not suffered terror attacks yet, this is because the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) worked efficiently and professionally in the past.

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