Mouthwatering German Cuisine

Hearty German fare traditionally places a great emphasis on meat, and it is believed that this came about at least partly due to the country’s northern European location. A high calorific intake was necessary during the cold winter months and the resultant dishes tend to reflect this.

Succulent Steaks And More

A perennial favourite is German Beef Rouladen, the recipe for which can be found at Tender, thin cut slices of beef steak are rolled around onion and bacon and sometimes sour pickles. Rouladen are generally served on special occasions with a potato dish or noodles, along with red cabbage. A skilled cook is capable of taking a cheaper cut of meat and transforming it into a delectable feast fit for a king.

Another hugely popular way to enjoy steak in Germany is schnitzel. Beef steak (or sometimes an alternative meat) is coated in savoury breadcrumbs and fried until golden brown, and the tasty result is often served with potatoes and a creamy dill sauce.

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Of course, in order to properly enjoy these wonderful authentic steak dishes, you will need the proper tools for the job, like a top quality Wusthof gourmet steak knife, which is available at The razor sharp, precision cut blade allows you to slice through any meat dish with the minimum of effort.

Non-meat dishes are popular too.

German cookery is not only limited to meat, however. In fact, different regions of the country have their own unique specialities as well as foods which are common to the entire nation (although methods of preparation may vary). Food is not often very spicy or heavily seasoned; however it is certainly not boring. The principal side dish consumed in Germany is the potato, which is prepared in many different ways. Potatoes are traditionally enjoyed fried, mashed or made into pancakes or soup. Other favourite vegetables include carrots, spinach, varying types of cabbage and most particularly asparagus. Germans often serve vegetables as a soup or casserole.

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Pasta and noodles are also heavily utilized as a side dish and of course dumplings (which may be either savoury or sweet) are extremely popular with Germans, and may sometimes be filled with other foods, such as fruit or various meats.

Of course, no look at the cuisine of an entire nation would be complete without considering the sweet treats available and the Germans certainly have some delicious offerings. Probably the best known of these is stollen, a delectable dish prepared with almonds and marzipan which is ever popular at Christmas time and often enjoyed with a brandy. You can find a mouthwatering, authentic recipe for stollen here at Another popular choice is lebkuchen, a tasty biscuit which is similar to gingerbread.

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So it is easy to see that in spite of the perceived prominence of meat in German cookery, the nation actually has lots to offer in terms of variety and there are some fabulous recipes out there for amateur and experienced chefs alike to experiment with.

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