Awesome Android Apps For Movie and Series Lovers

Awesome Android Apps For Movie and Series Lovers

For movie lovers it is quite necessary to have the knowledge to watch full free movies on iphone and efficient app to make your movie watching experience fascinating. This knowledge can also be useful to those people who like using Android for purposes of watching movies. Android are portable and this makes them quite useful devices for watching movies. The following are some of the awesome movie apps designed to support android devices.

1. Plex for Android

This app is a media library which is used for local, network or server based content. This app along with media server has the ability to stream all Hindi & Bollywood  movies and series that you may require. The app design has embraced simplicity in its design. It is also has a friendly interface which support a very high speed .it focuses on big thumbnail image for a more fascinating visual experience. This android is available for a price of $ works on all android devices.

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2. mVideoplayer

This app acts as a visual library and also a player. It fetches details for all your relevant media content and organizes them with posters and Synopsis. This is also best Hindi & Bollywood movie app for android. It has the ability to play different video format. It has a variety of setting and gestures. This app has enabled the possibility of carrying a lot of movies on microSD rather than having to stream them whenever you are watching. It supports lots of android devices.

3. Movie Mate pro

This app has a design for tablets and phones. It has a very clean look with lots of functions. This app presents movies as tabs of box office. It opens coming soon and also DVD release. It allows you to search for any Hindi & Bollywood movie or series, even those which were produced long ago. You have the ability to create a movie list which will be based on the movies which you consider favorites and also those which you have already seen. Using this app you are in a position to ready movie reviews of different movies. It also displays the rating of the movie. It has also has a tweet tab which will enable you see what other people are saying about the movie. This app is available for a fee of around $ support an android version which is 2.1 or above.

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4. Movie app HD PRO

This app has the ability to show you currently playing movies and also coming soon movies. It will also allow you to search for movies using titles. It also has movies rating and reviews. This movie has a tab to allow you to search for movies according to a certain genre of movies. This app can be downloaded for a fee of $ support android 2.2 versions or higher.

5. Cinotic

This is a movie search engine. It allows you to search for movies based on the presence of two actors, e.g. Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford. It has a very simple and efficient interface. It can be downloaded for free and supports Android version 2.2 or above.

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