Bar Crawl Survival Tips

Bar crawls are crazy, fun and exhilarating. The excitement of meeting new people, club hopping, binge drinking, dancing all night and all the fun in between are why so many people love the bar crawl.

The downside, however, is the puking, members of the group getting lost, people passing out on the sidewalk like hobos and paying astronomically high fares just to get home in a cab.

This is why we want to make sure that you experience only the best parts of the fun, without any of the negatives. The following are some of the top bar crawl survival tips that you should take to heart on your next adventure.

Water is Your Best Friend

Rehydrate… a lot! We can’t say this enough. The key to staying sober and making it to close is to simply drink more water. Alcohol causes severe dehydration, and this is why you tend to get drunk quickly.

If you rehydrate with water, you’ll not only keep your blood alcohol level low, you’ll also give your organs something to work with while flushing out all the alcohol. Think of water as a lubricating substance for your organs. It’s also the only thing that will stand between you and a hangover the size of Everest.

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Don’t Hang in a Club for Too Long

It’s called a bar crawl for a reason, folks. So, don’t hang around in one club for too long. Besides, hanging in one club will tempt you to drink more than you should. Pop in, do your shots, do a little dancing, have a little fun and move on.

If you are hitting ten clubs, we recommend no more than 25 minutes per club — unless your favorite DJ or song(s) comes on, and you can’t resist. Apart from that, hop along and enjoy the fun.

Always Have a Buddy

Okay…this is a commandment: Thou Shalt Have a Buddy on Bar Crawl Night. Say that to yourself three times fast. A buddy system will probably be the only reason you’ll find get home instead of passing out in the street.

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Bear in mind that you don’t want someone around to keep you sober, you want the friend that will hold your hair back when you need it — the one that will make sure you wake up somewhere half-way comfortable and not some random place out in the world. During your bar crawl, you’ll meet some awesome folks, and you’ll meet some less than awesome folks. The ones that matter the most tend to be the friends you started with.

Eat Something

There’s contrasting arguments on whether to eat something heavy or not. Well, from our experience, the key thing is the crawl. This means you’ll be on your feet a lot. Whether you need the help soaking up excess alcohol or not, you could probably use the energy. Consider beginning at a restaurant bar or gastropub. If you’re in Orlando, you could check the events section at for a place to start.

Arrange the Necessary Transportation

Do this beforehand. If you’ll be going in a private car, you better have a designated driver. No, not someone drunk, but someone “sensible” and sober; someone who will have no more than one or two drinks before “calling it a night”.

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This person shall be your designated driver. Be nice to them, it might be your job next time. If you won’t be going with a private car, then you should make arrangements for cabs to transport you home after you’re done for the night.

Don’t Boast About Being Sober

Believe it or not, there’s always someone to challenge you — and they’ll try to goad you into drinking more and more. If you’re still sober after a half-dozen bars, good on ya! Give yourself a pat on the back, turn the other stein, and move on.

Oscar King is a freelance writer and small business owner who provides articles and advice on a variety of topics affecting modern living, at home or in the office.

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