The Small Business Owner’s Bible For App Development

Development of an app is a back-breaking and cost intensive process, so chances are that more aggressive strategies will be required to get the most out of your app. A good app can be like Noah’s ark for any small business owner, while a bad one will be redundant, at best. Before you plunge into this field, take some time out and research. And what could be a better starting point than this incredible small business owner’s bible for app development, read on!

  1. Taking Advantage of Deals and Location Features on your App

An app can benefit from the use of localized deals, offering core services at a special price for limited customers. A “Check In” feature, ala trending apps like Zomato/Facebook, is a great way of ensuring direct contact with potential customers. To facilitate this, be sure to include a location feature that provides one-touch call services as well as GPS navigation to minimize hassles.

  1. Special Promotional Benefits within the App

To promote the use of the app, consider promotional events that give discounts or unlock special features of the app. For example, a small business owner may benefit from the use of a promo-code that offers free delivery/pickup for those who use only the app to purchase goods. It drives up sales and generates interest at the same time.

  1. Facilitate Mobile Payments

While there are still users who shy away from using mobiles for payments, e-wallets are all the rage right now. By integrating different payment methods within your app, you can unleash the full potential for your business. IntuitGoPayment, is a great example of how to implement this strategy.

  1. Make the App different from the Website

The easiest way to generate traffic is by offering features on the app that aren’t available on your webpage or on-site store. The important thing to remember is that apps serve a niche audience, and they must be fully able to satisfy a unique need, like live IM support, coupons on purchases, etc. Without that, the app may as well have been not created.

  1. Wield the Power of Social Media

Most users do not like creating a special account for every website, which is why an easy sign-up option through Google+ or Facebook is a great option for apps. Promotional events which offer extra benefits on “Sharing” or “Liking” the app on Facebook, for example, is a great marketing strategy as well.

We’re sure you’ve had some valuable, unpleasant, lucky, expensive, and empowering lessons learnt in your app development efforts; submit your story right here; we’d love to hear from you.

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