Basics Of Evolution Theory

Some scientists have ideas that hoodwinked the scientific realm and Charles Darwin was one of them. He pointed out that offspring of each living organism, including human will have very tiny variations that can progressively make them faster, stronger, better or more intelligent. In general, each new organism is slightly “fitter” than their parent organisms. These gradual modifications will result in a process called “evolution”.

In fact, many scientists believe that all living things in this world started from a primeval pool of organic soup. Darwin’s idea has been traditionally supported by atheists and more secular scientists.

The evolution is believed to produce very interesting species that can thrive in the unlikeliest environments. As an example, some fishes can survive in freezing waters with antifreeze compounds in their tissue. Many organisms also have adaptations that can help them to have unique lifestyle. In fact, without the antifreeze compound, the fish will slowly turns into a solid block of ice.

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It is believed that, evolution is simply the result of random DNA errors, but only the “fittest” of those random changes that can survive. Darwin’s theory became more seductive to the scientific society after more fossilized remains of strange creatures are found in earthworks and canals.

Soon scientists began to draw the “tree of life” that purports to show how many living things on earth had branched out from much simpler organisms. This means, many bizarre and the now-extinct creatures once conquered the prehistoric world. They were no longer fit to changes on Earth, due to extreme climate change and perhaps even giant meteor impact.

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One of the most popular is the K-T event, which theorizes that a gigantic meteorite impacted the Earth, causing violent tsunamis, earthquakes and extreme climate changes. At the moment, no one could prove whether he was right or wrong.

However, Watson and Crick came to a conclusion that DNA is shaped like 3D double helix and consisted only of four bases: C, A, T and G. Until today, this design is still accepted by the scientific community and many subsequent studies and scientific implementations are performed based on the concept. One of them is the HGP or the Human Genome Project.

It started in 1990 and concluded in 2003. Apparently, our DNA has the chemical bases like other organisms on the world. This could mean that we have a common ancestor with the smallest virus. Or again, we may have been created by a common designer.

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Despite all the technological advances, atheists still can’t confidently claim that they have win the battle with religionists, who believe that human is direct offspring of Adam and Eve. Despite these findings, science still has problems defining life. It can’t be clearly defined why those chunks of bones and flesh could breathe and walk. It is also difficult to explain consciousness, emotion, creativity, instinct and mind.

The evolution theory doesn’t fully explain the life itself and this is probably the reason, why we don’t see all scientists and educated people lose their faith.

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