How To Find Ideal Ladders To Rent

How To Find Ideal Ladders To Rent

In every task, it is important that you use the right equipment. The same is true for jobs that require the use of ladders. You must use the ladder that reaches the necessary height to complete the task. It must also be made of the right material, and it must be designed for the specific purpose you intend it for.

Fatal injuries can result from falls from ladders. Some accidents can be avoided by using the right kind of ladder for your task, and of course by making sure it is well-maintained and properly working.

Types of Ladders

One of the first things that you must decide before you search for ladders for rent is which type of ladder will work best for your task or job. Knowing the different types of ladders in the market and their functions will aid you in making an informed decision. Using the right type of ladder will ensure that you can complete your task safely and efficiently.

  • Step Ladders

Step ladders are the most commonly used ladder type. They are self-supporting and do not need to lean against any support when used. They are suitable for indoor use, trimming of trees, painting, decorating, and maintenance work.

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There are two types of step ladders: the simple front step ladder and the twin step ladder. The front step ladder has rungs on one side, while the other side is only for support. The twin step ladder is the more popular type which has rungs on both sides of the ladder.

  • Extension Ladders

Also known as straight ladders, this is the first type that normally comes to mind when we think of ladders. This is used to reach higher places – it can reach as high as 11 meters. These ladders must be leaned on a support during use. Extension ladders can be used for light industry or heavy DIY use. You can use an extension ladder when cleaning your roof and your gutters. They are lightweight and easy to set up.

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Extension ladders have two parts: the base and the fly. The base is the main piece and should be placed firmly on the ground. The fly is the movable piece that can extend to reach higher places.

  • Platform Ladders

Platform ladders are front step ladders with a platform as its top step. They provide a much larger platform to stand on when working, usually at 12 inches by 18 inches, or larger. These ladders are suitable for construction use, maintenance activities, inspection, warehousing, and building industries. These ladders have fixed safety rails, usually two feet higher than the platform. These ladders give a higher level of comfort and safety. With platform ladders, you can use your two hands to work and still be safe. You can also rotate around as you work.

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When looking for ladders for rent, it is important to first identify why and where you will use it. The right ladder will make the job easier and safer. Call a reputable equipment rental company to guide you which ladder type you need for your tasks.

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