Understanding The Use Of Co-codamol – Essentials You Need To Know About

Understanding The Use Of Co-codamol - Essentials You Need To Know About

Co-codamol is a perfect combination of codeine phosphate and paracetamol. Paracetamol is known for being a popular pain-killing medicine that helps to relieve all kind of pain – mild to moderate.

How Co-codamol works?

It works by simply reducing the production of prostaglandins in the spinal cord and brain. Prostaglandins sensitise sensitive nerve endings, and paracetamol can increase the pain threshold so that even though the pain remains still, we don’t feel it that much.

Codeine phosphate is a strong painkiller which is also known as opioids. This painkiller simply works by reducing the action of the natural chemicals which are known for reducing the pain, also known as endorphins which are produced in the spinal cord and brain. Codeine works on the similar opioid receptors just like the natural and endorphins, and this directly blocks the pain signal transmission which is sent to the brain via nerves. This indicates that even though the actual pain remains still, we can feel it less than what it actually should felt. You can buy fromUK meds now online at affordable rates.

Co-codamol comes in the form of caplets or tablets. It is also available in the form of soluble tablets and capsules. It is available without any specification at the pharmacy as a generic medicine. The following brands are known for manufacturing Co-codamol and easily available at the pharmacy stores:

·         Migraleve yellow.

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·         Paracodol

·         Panadol ultra.

·         Solpadeine plus

·         Solpadeine max 

Use Co-codamol under doctor’s guidance

Co-codamol is used to provide relief to pain on a short-term basis, and it comes in 4 different strengths, and the strongest one is available only with doctor’s prescription. This tablet contains 500mg paracetamol accompanied by 30 milligrams or 15 milligrams of Codeine. The doctor will prescribe you by the kind of pain you are suffering from. Before recommending a particular dosage, he will also ensure the health problems you are suffering from because Co-codamol can react dangerously if taken with certain medicines.Make sure that you do not consume any other medicines that contain paracetamol while using Co-codamol. So even if you are taking any medicine without doctor’s prescription, then make sure that the drug does not contain paracetamol as one of the ingredients. It is advisable that you ask the pharmacist to prescribe you drugs as per your requirement ensuring that it does not contain paracetamol.

Things to avoid

Moreover, alcohol should not be consumed with co-codamol because the coding contained in this drug will increase the risk of side effects. It is not something we should be continued over the long period because it can cause withdrawal symptoms if not stopped after a certain period of use. Symptoms may include feeling irritable and restlessness. It is suggested not to take more than the recommended dosage even if the level of pain is unbearable because it can lead to various kinds of health issues. Liver damage is something which is very common with the consumption of co-codamol for a longer period.

Always ensure that you consult with your physician before starting with Co-codamol.

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