Tiny But Roomy: 4 Practical Tips To Design and Arrange A Small Living Room

Tiny But Roomy: 4 Practical Tips To Design and Arrange A Small Living Room

All spaces offer challenges to designing them, but as your living room is where you seemingly spend the most of your time, designing one with limited space can be particularly tricky.

Like for instance, how do you choose a moderate course between making the area seem as roomy as possible while also pressing in additional seating? What kind furniture should you pick, and where should you place it?

Listed below are few design hints for making the most of the space, plus precise furniture design ideas for tiny living rooms.

Use Wallpaper and Mirrors

A tiny living room, mainly if it has limited windows, can seem a bit constrained. To make it look spacious, create a centerpiece, boost glow and add intensity all at once by putting a wallpaper and placing a mirror on top.

Tiny But Roomy: 4 Practical Tips To Design and Arrange A Small Living Room

If possible, try positioning your mirror across from the window to help the mirror reflect the view outside which gives the feeling of having an extra window.

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The design: Arrange the main seat on the papered wall, and place a pair of twin side tables and table lamps. A big ottoman can also function as an extra seat or a coffee table.

If there is an extra space, you could work in placing an extra small chair or a couple across from the main seat.

Choose Small Furniture

Furniture in your living room is not all about bulky armchairs and full-size sofas.

If you want to make the most of your space, then go to antique shops because they have a great selection of small-scale furniture which is truly helpful in maximizing your living room space.

Try to look for tiny sofas, chairs, and loveseats that can operate in your space.

The design: Place the loveseat in front of your bay window, with small tables on either side.

small living room

Put a pair of small-scale armchairs that sit opposite your sofa, and place a small coffee table in between. Now, make use of an antique recamier and position it on the wall diagonally opposite from your sofa, with a thin console table on the other end.

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Fill a Corner Completely

It is somehow counterintuitive, but in the event you have a limited corner in your living room space, opting for the biggest piece of furniture possible can truly make the room feel bigger than normal sometimes.

Why? A big sectional sofa in Deal Wiki is comfy and capable of seating plenty of people. Additionally, since the sofa displays as one piece, it helps make your room look organized.

The design: Place a big comfy sectional sofa in one corner along with a pair of folding stools drawn in close to create a chatty group. Complete the conversational group by adding a slipper chair if you have the room.

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Go for a Smaller Sofa

In some living room spaces, a standard full-size sofa is just not fit for the job. To take advantage of the space, opt for a petite sofa or a slimmed-down loveseat instead and choose one with neat lines and revealed legs to obtain the spacious look.

The design: A little sofa sits in the middle of the open space, facing a media hub on the wall. Finish it with an armchair, along with an upholstered ottoman that can do double duty as your additional seat to complete the group.


Sometimes, we are left with a small living room space. But it should not worry you because you can always do something about it. Having a limited living room space is merely a challenge to bring out the creativity in you, and there are plenty of ways to make your tiny space roomy like the tips above.

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