Smart Instagram Marketing Tricks For Boosting Social Media Campaigns

Smart Instagram Marketing Tricks For Boosting Social Media Campaigns

If you are thinking of growing your brand or boosting your business then it is quite evident that you are acquainted with developing social media campaigns. Today, the social media platforms are pretty effective for marketing your products and services. Using social media marketing to your advantage could be a truly challenging process but almost always highly rewarding. Whether you have a well-established business or a startup, your social media campaigns would be taken to the next level thanks to the Instagram.

Instagram is the most phenomenal and highly popular social media platform with over 800 million monthly active users. It promises to give your social media campaigns a completely new dimension. Here are a few smart Instagram tricks or tips for boosting your social media campaigns.

Try Using Instagram Carousel Posts

You would certainly feel exasperated when you come across a number of posts involving one single product that has been photographed from various angles. The great news is that Instagram has introduced an innovative feature that facilitates the posting of several videos and pictures effectively in the carousel format.  Now you could post multiple pictures in a single Instagram post. More pictures in a single post would give better opportunities to display your product. Do not spam your followers’ feed unnecessarily with similar pictures of the same product. Followers should be reminded to swipe right to find more stunning photos.

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Learn to Incorporate Trending Hashtags Wisely

You must already know that hashtags are responsible for making you noticeable or visible quite often. You must consider devoting a lot of time to doing thorough research and then determine the best hashtags that are most suitable and relevant to your kind of business. Instagram has set an upper limit of 30 hashtags per post. It is a smart idea to incorporate all thirty of the hashtags into your single post. When you use the most appropriate hashtags, you would be attracting the attention of authentic Instagram followers. Remember to give importance to choosing the trending hashtags. Use hashtags that are truly associated and relevant to your particular brand.

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Give Due Importance to User Generated Content & Post It

Often you realize that your product’s or your event’s best pictures were the ones taken by some of your customers. Instead of stubbornly sticking to solely the photographs produced after a staged professional photo shoot, you must consider using the top quality user-generated content. Pictures taken by your customers are far more spontaneous and they convey a distinct sense of reliability, intimacy, and immediacy. Give prime importance to user-generated content.

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Do Not Forget the Instagram Stories

Instagram stories would be allowing you to post your preferred videos and photos that could be seen within a day. Do not forget to use links, hashtags, and mentions in your Instagram Stories for effectively alluring more traffic to specifically your website.


You must necessarily examine meticulously your performance information and data. Also, you must use the above-mentioned Instagram tricks to give a new dimension to your social media marketing campaigns.

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