A Short Overview Of Fire Risk Assessment

A Short Overview Of Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment is defined as “It is a process that involving the systematic assessment of the factors that find out the hazard from fire, the probability that there will be a fire and the results if one were to take place.

Goals Of A Risk Assessment:

The principles enclosed with the fire safety order are to use a risk assessment approach, which is the aim based and flexible. The Responsible Person (RP) produces the risks in the workplace, so, to protect the safety of employees and workers, the RP must:

I. Recognize fire dangers and workers at risk and to take away the risk of those hazards causing damage to as low as is reasonably practicable.

II. To find out what fire safety measures and management policies are essential to make sure the safety of employees in the building should fire occur by

  • Making sure that all occupants are alerted and can leave the premises safely in the event of a fire.
  • Restricting the effects should a fire occur.
  • Minimizing the likelihood of a fire starting.
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Competent Person

The competent person requires not possess any particular academic qualifications, but must:

  • Have appropriate education, health and safety training, knowledge or experience in the principles of fire safety;
  • have an understanding of fire development as well as the behavior of workers in fire;
  • Have appropriate training in how to implement fire risk assessments.
  • He or she understands the pertinent fire safety legislation

Important considerations to include in a fire risk assessment are:

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a) Procedures And Safety Training:

A detailed plan that includes specifics like who is responsible for what in the case of fire, and the methods for evacuation and assembly is needed prior to a fire incident. After that, this plan must be communicated to workers and employees as part of their health and safety training. Having employees attend courses like the NEBOSH international general certificate will surely provide them a great deal of knowledge and understanding about fire safety.

b) Fire Detection

Fires must be detected as soon as possible to provide workers the best chance of flee. The soonerit is identified and the alarm rose, then the more time people will have. Your workers must be able to identify the sound of the alarm. Remember, alarm points must be placed within easy reach to facilitate the alarm to be raised promptly.

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c) Fire Fighting

If your workplace caught with large fires, then call to fire brigade to deal with. However, a small fire can be handled and extinguished before it spreads and becomes too dangerous. Best firefighting equipment needs to be made available like the fire extinguishers, and provide employees training on how to use these equipments.

d) Maintenance

Badly maintained the equipment and machinery to fight fires can contribute to a fire beginning, spreading and being a dangerous hazard to health that could have been evaded. Thus, appropriate maintenance is extremely important when it comes to workplace fire safety.

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