How To Help Our Home Flowers In The Following Situations?

When you are taking care of flowers in your home sometimes it is not enough simply to regularly water them. It is a common situation that no matter how well you take care of your plants they may often experience problems. The following list contains a number of the most popular signs that will help you diagnose what to do with the flower.

1. Leaves Endings Become Dry

There are various reasons that might be causing that problem such as too much watering or just the contrary – not enough amount of water, too long period of the plant being placed in direct sun light, not enough air humidity or probably a combination of two or more of these factors. The first thing you should do is find out the exact reason that is causing the issue and is you find this difficult, try excluding the reasons one by one.

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2. Leaves Become Yellow

When the whole leaves surfaces start to become yellow this might be happening because of too much direct light or not enough fertilising. Leaves can also become yellow because of too high temperatures during the night or too much watering. You should also check the leaves for insects.

3. Leaves Fall Off

The reason for that might be again in too much watering or not enough watering. If the leaves from the low parts of the plant are the only ones that have fallen down the plant might need more sun light. You should keep in mind the fact that even if you find out the reason for this issue and fix it, it sis very unlikely that new leaves will grow on the place of the fallen ones but at least you will save the remaining leaves from dropping down.

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4. Flabbiness of the Leaves

This is the most common way plants and flowers react to too much light and heat, too much watering or not sufficient amount of water and sometimes even to unsuitable spots where you have placed them. What you can do in this situation is move the plant into a new spot and water it. If the reason was not enough amount of water you will see the plant become lively in a short time.

5. Dry, Breakable Leaves

They show lack of humidity in the air and also lack of water in the soil. Spray the leaves to increase the air humidity and make sure you are properly watering the plant.

6. The Flower does not Bloom

The most common reasons for that can be either too high night temperatures or not sufficient amount of light during the blooming period.


7. The Flower Leaves are Tiny

The main reason for that issue is the lack of sun light. What you should do in this situation is cut down the leaves ends and place the plant in a brighter spot.

8. Flower Pimples are Dropping Down

If the flower buds start to fall down before blooming the reason might be in the lack of sun light or in the fact that the sun is shining directly on the plant. Low room temperatures also cause buds falling down. That is why it is highly essential once the pimples have appeared to move the flower to a room with higher temperatures.

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