Xbox One October Update Now Rolling Out With New Features

Microsoft began to roll out XBOX One host system October update details, on October 15th update is notable for introducing new snapshot of the Friends application, achievement APP and other content updates, and to bring new features and friends Smart Glass functionality. Advantage of the multitasking capabilities of Xbox One and connect with your friends in better ways than before thanks to your feedback.

New Snapshot and Friend Functions

Snapshot Update

Now Microsoft has updated snapshot center contains many players want to play the game faster access to features such as friends, information, games, DVR, etc., and to play the game when you can more fast easier closing and opening new snapshot APP. Now double-click XBOX button will pop-up menu, whereby players can open new applications in snapshot mode, closes the current application or switching between games and applications focus. Besides the official also optimized for the snapshot mode with two APP.

Friends Snapshot APP

Now players cannot leave the game to visit friends list. Players can quickly view your friends list to see their online friends and be able to send messages, invitations and join the game.

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Snapshot APP

Players can now snapshot mode open, read and respond to the message, the information will be in the form of a thread cut the conversation view is displayed.

Achievements APP

APP achievement after the update has been unlocked players can share the achievements and view friends have unlocked specific list of achievements, and can show the players are playing games of recent accomplishments.

Friends are Parted

New friend feature, players can see at a glance what’s going on with your friends. Play popular games, the player scores chart changes and so on.

The New Smart Glass Features

Players can now view their list of the top game in its own profile. Players can also view friends who related data.

Improved TV and Video Capabilities

The latest version of the media player functionality will support DLNA streaming media services. After you install this update player can easily play music, view photos stored on a home media server or DLNA server protocol support equipment, slides and videos. In addition, players can also play MKV files stored on a USB device or support DLNA streaming home network devices.

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Live TV

According to national and One Guide players set, the players in this update will be able to watch live TV. In One Guide, the new label will show the player most like to see ten television programs. The live TV list is updated approximately once per minute, so that players can easily find other popular audience favorite programs.

XBOX One Digital TV Coordinator

This new accessory will be in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, players use the TV coordinator of the USB connection allows users to watch TV on XBOX One

Smart Glass of Stream TV

If the players have a digital television coordinator XBOX One, you can use a home network through their own XBOX Smart Glass application on a smartphone or tablet. Players can also end the game without having to pause, play, rewind and change the channel.

Internet TV Application

This application will include live TV channels of the television program list OneGudie. Also like the voice change some other XBOX TV station and Miniguide and other functions can also be used in these APP. These features will debut in the corresponding APP players when it is automatically enabled. The first is to support the function of APP Zattoo, and more details will be announced later.

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New Accessory and “hide” Features

Updating Equipment and Accessories Page

Players are now setting a new page can be found on the XBOX One of accessories for distribution and updates. Now players can more easily be fitted to a specific user, such as assigning a headset to a specific game

Firmware Update

Players can update the firmware of a single device, but also to be easier to find or identify the handle through vibration.

Hidden in Fames and Applications on the Host

Players can be hidden under a specific project “My game with APP” directory “ready to install” list.

Better to Reset your Password

You can now easier and safer to reset the password, better to protect the player’s account. And later in October, and if the players have not yet set up their own security information, the players need to reset the password when Microsoft will require players to provide an alternate email address or phone number being used.

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