Overseas Phone Calls Can Burn A Hole In Your Wallet – Tips To Avoid The Effect

With the present generation, most students move out for their higher education as the scope and exposure both are good at the international level. Once they move out of their family and known circle, they’re on their own. While they get the opportunity to taste financial freedom, there are some who misuse this and soon fall in financial trouble. One of the heavy things that they need to handle is the costs of staying in touch with their parents and friends. Previously, international phone calls came with a huge cost but with time and with the innovation of different kinds of technologies, remaining in touch with friends has become lot easier. Thanks to the mobile phones, smartphones, laptops and the ever-evolving communication apps, that we’re able to stay in touch at a low cost.

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There are people who keep travelling for work and the students are also doing the same for educational purposes. If you wish to travel abroad and also stay within your budge, here are some ways in which you can cut costs and use the money elsewhere.

  • Purchase a phone calling card: Once you reach your destination and you’re there in front of your payphone or your hotel phone, you can use this calling card. However, this option depends on where you’re going and what your hotel charges are for both toll-free and local calls. You should be aware of the fact that there are some calling cards that might not work with some foreign pay phones.
  • Buy a new SIM module: Only if you have either T Mobile or AT&T Cingular accounts, you can buy a new SIM module for your current phone. The SIM module is the small circuit that fits within your phone and gives your phone the required identity. Most of the cell phones of the world work on what is called the GSM networks that operate at either 900 MHz or 1800 MHz.
  • Buy a new phone: In case you’re on Verizon or Sprint, you have no other option but to buy a new SIM module as well as a new phone as they operate on non-GSM frequencies.
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Introducing Free Phone Calls – The Best Among the Communication Apps

FreePhoneCalls is a powerful communication app that is provided by Itibiti Ventures Inc. The company has its headquarters in Canada and they specialize in some of the latest communications technologies to produce products that serve to keep consumers in contact with the parties which are most important to them. Most students use FreePhoneCalls as this often tends to be the best option for someone who is living on fixed income and allowances. They don’t need to worry about high rates on long distance calls. All they need to do is to download this app and put on their headset. The best part of FreePhoneCalls is that all calls made through this are absolutely free. There is not even a single penny that is charged, thereby making it a preferable choice for students.

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Therefore, if you’re worried about slashing down your international call rates, you may take into account the above mentioned options.

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