Outstanding Things You Can Do On The iPad Pro

Bigger is better. This maxim embodies many of the things people believe, even if the premise is a bit shaky. With regards to computers, the historic trend has been that each generation of a device decreased in size. Smart devices accidentally overdid this, leading to screens that were too small to be easily usable. Apple recognized this when they designed their latest tablet, a return to the celebration of size. Here are four outstanding things you can do on the iPad Pro.

Draw Like a Pro

The iPad Pro enjoys the largest screen yet in the vaunted line. With a size of 12.9 inches for the largest version, artists shouldn’t think of it as a portable computer. Instead, it’s an easel with a blank canvas. By choosing the right apps such as Adobe Illustrator, ArtRage, and Sketchbook Pro, you’ll feel like one of the world’s greatest artists, even if you could never color between the lines in grade school.

The iPad Pro combined with the Apple Pencil embodies the best technological advances among smart devices. The need for conventional pen and paper is no more. Nowadays, you can start to doodle and if you don’t like the result, you can shake your iPad like an Etch-a-Sketch to ditch your failed design. Since the specs of the display are similar to a wall painting, you’ll know immediately whether your work is progressing correctly. It’ll make you wish you’d owned an iPad Pro in elementary school rather than using crayons like a sucker.

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Increase Work Productivity

A lot of the statements above also apply to the iPad Pro’s work productivity. Working with Microsoft Office isn’t easy while using your phone. It’s difficult to type and read even the most basic programs, and spreadsheets are a nightmare to edit properly. Clicking the right cell is oftentimes an ordeal.

With a giant display screen, many of these issues diminish, if not vanish completely. Using the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, you can load your productivity software. Then, you can use it similarly to the way you’d work on a laptop computer. The difference is that your smart device is much more portable and intuitive than your notebook. You’ll work more quickly and effectively, vastly increasing your performance level. Due its potent business functionality, buying an iPad Pro is now an investment in your career.

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Enjoy a Personal Home Theater

One of the reasons Netflix subscriptions spiked in recent years is that they’re perfect for compromise. If a group of people earn a majority vote to watch a program, the minority voters no longer feel forced to view the same thing. Instead, they pull out their smart devices and choose their own show.

The only problem with this otherwise elegant solution is that the size of smartphone screens makes them an imperfect way to consume media. The iPad Pro solves this issue by delivering a screen size so large, it’ll look the same from a short distance as a 46-inch television would from several feet away. That’s the power of viewing perspective. Plus, you’re living the dream of every kid raised in the 20th century. You can carry your television (aka iPad Pro) with you wherever you go, and pull out a giant monitor when you need entertainment.

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Shop Smarter

One of the benefits of online clothes shopping is that you can choose the outfits you want to wear conveniently and efficiently. As consumers have switched to smartphone shopping, however, they’ve learned the dangers of a smaller screen. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether the item you like is the best solution when looking at it on five-inch screen. Your mind has to visualize the difference in scale, and your expectations don’t always match results.

By using the giant screen of the iPad Pro for clothing apps such as Gilt, you’ll have an easier time choosing clothes. Since the scale is more similar to actual retail shopping, your smart device takes some of the guesswork out of the process.

Bigger is better when it comes to tablet computers. The iPad Pro’s gigantic screen display will offer tremendous utility in all the areas listed and many more.

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