Safe Roller Shutters – Your Key To Security

At the present interior designing of doors has been done with the help of roller shutters. Roller Shutter is a type of shutter that consists of number of horizontal slats, hinged together. It can be used for both doors and windows. The slats too can vary from horizontal bars to web system designs. The shutter has longitudinal movements where bringing it down means closing and rolling it up indicates opening of the door or window.

This protects the house or office from burglars and theft. It also protects from natural calamities like wind, rain and snow. The movement of the shutter can be either manual or be motorized. Some roller shutters also enhance the beauty of the interior adding to the sophistication of the house or commercial centre.

Type of material the roller shutters are made of: Roller shutters are made of mainly steel or aluminum, the later being preferred due to it certain advantages related to durability and toughness.

Roller Shutter Mechanism:

Roller shutters are used for both domestic and commercial needs based on the requirement of the client. , They can either be channel fixed or fixed between jambs. They are painted on top surface with powdered colors to improve the look and feel of the same. The painted with colors gives the elegant look to your house.  A lock mechanism is provided with the shutters to ensure security at its best. The slats are interlocked throughout their entire length and move together during closing or opening of the shutter. They are mounted on long circular shafts.

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So no extra receiving up to near the shutters, as nowadays you can do it by just a sole press of the switch, excite your clients in among conferences by opening or closing the shutters with the remote and relish your mornings without getting disturbed by any daylight. 

Materials used in Roller Shutters:

  • Heavy duty steel pipes – Used for the suspension shaft of the roller shutters.
  • Cast iron casting – This is used for the pulley function in rolling up or down the shutter.
  • Springs – A good quality spring is used for provide the smoothening effect of the shutters.
  • Apart from the above materials the nuts, bolts, screws and brackets, used to fix the shutter make the other vital parts of a proper and strong roller shutter. 
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Fixing a Roller Shutter:

The brackets are fixed on the beam or under the beam as needed, using nuts, bolts and screws. The shafts are then placed on the brackets and the shutter is then positioned as per the channel size. There are two side channels as well, fixed to the wall, along which the shutter rolls up or down while functioning.  This fixing job should be so good as to make the shutter movement smooth.

Safe Roller Shutters – Your Key To Security

Advantages and Uses of Roller Shutter:

Roller shutter systems perform a number of important functions like:

  • Providing Security: Roller shutters are mainly installed in home, offices or corporate sector for providing the security.  Roller shutter doors are mostly preferred by warehouses and businesses hubs. People can plan out a vacation or move out for work with a peaceful mind, not worrying about theft, while using roller shutters.
  • Reliability: Durability leads to reliable protection of the window against harsh atmospheric effects like rain, snow, hail and storm. So they are used at windows to protect them from damage.
  • Beauty to the house: Roller shutters do make the interiors pleasant and comfortable to stay in as well by making the passage of light and air to pass through.  They keep out the sunlight thus making the interior cool. By adjusting the moveable slats of these aluminum shutters, the amount of light, privacy and ventilation can be controlled. If need arises, these shutters can be wide opened, whereas on demand of privacy they can be half or full closed.
  • Noise reduction – The sound proof characteristic of the roller shutters result in reduction of noise levels in the room for a more comfortable work or leisure place. So houses or hubs near a noisy area like an airport or a factory use roller shutters at their doors and windows to keep the noise out.
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This blog, has written with the aim of presenting data related to Security Shutters . For added collection on shutters click here.

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