Barak Obama Is Still Confident

Barak Obama Is Still Confident

The American president Barak Obama, who is the current president and had elected for two times continuously.  He is also very populated among the whole world as being the 1st non white president of America. America is commonly known for the heaven for racism. So, it’s quite astonishing to have a president like Barak Obama, who is black by his birth.  Moreover, his black tone had been the symbol of the pride that, if a person can work hard to prove his skills and talents, one day he must be successful, it doesn’t matter what his skin color is! Watch obama speech on walking dead live stream

In spite of being Barak Obama’s commonly familiar as being the most popular and powerful president of America, now a day, some of his popularity had diminished.  But this current president doesn’t want to admit it. He strongly and confidently declared that, if there is the chance of precipitating in the next presidential election of America, he would certainly take part in it and proudly won it for the 3rd time again. But the rules of America didn’t give him this chance, so that, he has to remain silent about it sadly.

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Barak Obama also confidently said that, he is the most successful president of America and if he takes part again in the presidential race, undoubtedly he you gain the best position indeed. He also said that, he has more dreams to develop the whole condition of America. However, he also has more plans to improve the condition of economic and political too. He is also interested to develop the political relations with those countries which are commonly known as foe nations of America. Barak Obama gave this speech whenever he visited Ethiopia after his Kenya can enjoy rest of your evening with cbs news free streaming.

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 In the last week of July, Barak Obama had a journey in Kenya, which is his father’s land. Though this journey was long time pre-planned, but for several problems, it was just postponed for several times. But at the last, the busy president of America could sort out his time to visit the African countries; especially his father’s land in Kenya. There he also met his old relatives and spent some time with them. The Kenyan people also felt very proud by getting Obama among them, who are mainly considered as the “home’s son” for the Kenyan public.  So, the Kenya tour of Barak Obama will certainly be remembered to them for a long time.

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After visiting Kenya, Barak Obama decided to visit Ethiopia, one of the most important tours. There he was about to give some speeches to the Ethiopian public and had to sign some of the very important deals with the Ethiopian government. However, the reaction of the Ethiopian public was quite same as the Kenyan public too. They highly welcomed the American president to their country and arranged many things as hospitality.  Obama also seemed very glad for this tour and one of his speeches; he hopefully and confidently declared his pride as the president of America.

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