Google Puts Focus On Wearable Devices, Mobile Payment and Virtual Reality

Google Puts Focus On Wearable Devices, Mobile Payment and Virtual Reality

At this year’s Google I / O developer conference, Google publishing Android L, Android TV, Android Auto and Android Wear and other platforms, constructed a full product line of vision of the future of Android coverage. Clearly, Google hopes Android users can penetrate into every aspect of life, which is the subject of this year I / O Conference. Subsequently, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player three new hardware came before us. However, from a practical point of view, it seems less attractive product, then next year’s I / O 2015 whether there will be even more exciting products and concepts emerge? Together with the current state of Google to analyze the spectacle next year I / O Conference.

Google Wallet Rebirth

Apple Apple Pay lets people, see new hope for mobile payments, but in fact, Google launched in early NFC-based mobile wallet service, but did not form a huge influence. But how to achieve on an open, multi OEM’s Android platform more secure, unified mobile payment experience, is Google needs to be considered as soon as possible, we hope to I / O 2015 General Assembly the answer.

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How Practicality Google Glasses Experience?

Google glasses may be the most innovative company in recent years, hardware products, brings a fully integrated device experience of human life. But unfortunately, due to their cost, privacy and fashion degree issue, Google have not really entered into to public life. So, whether in Google I / O 2015 on the release of the long-rumored Google glasses consumer version? This is a desirable suspense.

The Real Virtual Reality Equipment

Facebook, Sony, Samsung, is seeking to develop a virtual reality device, but Google does not seem to have a big move. On the I / O 2014, although Google developers brought a cheap cardboard interesting virtual reality glasses, but it looks more like a “hobby.” If Google wants to get a place in the field of virtual reality, then I / O 2015 is the best time.

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Google Seating Plan

Chromecast is a cheap and an easy TV stick, and the subsequent Nexus Player is living proof of the Google program. Android TV platform brings a wealth of video applications and games, but Google’s competitors are not confined to the face of television boxes in the field, as well as Sony, Microsoft these years of living room entertainment guide game console manufacturers. In addition, Android TV in many countries and regions also face a variety of regulatory uncertainty brought about, if Google wants users’ living room occupied, may also need to come up with more attractive products.

Where Android Wear in?

As Google Android Wear wearable strategy will focus, at present, there is some “thunder, little rain.” Putting aside the limited market coverage, even if the actual hardware products, software experience and battery life, it seems unsatisfactory. In addition, the arrival of Apple Watch seems to have affected the Android Wear degree of concern. We believe that Google should come up with more attractive, smart watches on I / O 2015, and launched a new version of the software experience better.

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Other Projects

Google is a large high-tech industry, involved in a wide range of areas, which also makes it somewhat bloated. Robotics, artificial intelligence, modular equipment and other items, some of the slow progress in the present situation, when we can bring real impact on consumers is still unknown, perhaps I / O 2015 can bring more definite news. In addition, the new Nexus device should not be in the I / O 2015 that appears, but it is expected that we will see an updated version of Android 5.0, fixes some experience problems.

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