3 Simple Steps To Track iPhone With XNSPY

Track iPhone

We all love the new iPhone 6. It’s sleek, gorgeous and a beast in itself, but with a price tag, that is heart wrenching. Giving away this beauty in the hand of some thug is distressful. If something like that happens to me, I would literally cry to my death. J.K

If you are not much of a melodrama unlike me, but your concerns regarding phone’s security against theft are still there. Then what you need is to know 3 easy steps to track iPhone with a smartphone tracking app, XNSPY.

Buy XNSPY Tracking App

First, you will go to XNSPY’s website and after giving all the necessary info and account details, you will be able to get a copy available for download.

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Second, you will install the software in your target smartphone. This step can take a while as all the data stored on your iPhone needs to be backed up on the cloud server of XNSPY.

Start Monitoring

Once done with the installation and backup, you are all set to start with the tracking of your iPhone. Still confused? Tracking is also very convenient just like the installation. What you need to do is open the XNSPY’s webpage and log in. There you will see a control panel. On the side bar, you will see locations button. Open that and you will get all the logs of your location history. The app also gives you the current location of your device.


It’s Not Just an iPhone Tracker!

It’s a complete monitoring app for your kids and business purposes. It can access almost everything you can think of from your target device. Like contact details, call and SMS logs, and WhatsApp and other IM chat conversation like Facebook, Viber and Line. Another useful feature of this tracking app is Watchlist. You can enter all the locations in this list.

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The app is not just about tracking the phone when it’s lost or stolen, it can help you track your kids’ or employee location. Watchlist makes sure of that. The remote control feature of the app allows you to lock the phone from their control panel. So if you fear that your lost phone’s data shouldn’t be accessed by anyone else, wipe it with a click.

So if you want to track iPhone with tons of additional features, get XNSPY.

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