Scar Removal By Plastic Surgery

We all get hurt at one time or another, and these injuries can lead to scars. Scars are what are left of a wound as it has healed on your skin, and they often stick out due the new skin being grown over the injured area. Instead of living with scars, many people have opted to turn to plastic surgery to get rid of them. This has actually been in practice since the early Roman Ages when soldiers would get scars removed off their backs to prevent looking dishonorable after returning home from war. So, if you have a scar on your body that you consider to be unflattering and would like to have it removed here is some more information about it.

Before deciding whether or not to get plastic surgery as a form of scar removal, always make sure you consult a board certified plastic surgeons. The doctor will then be able to assess your scar and tell you about all your options and possible treatment methods. In addition to that, he or she will tell you about any risks or benefits of the outcome that could happen as a result of this kind of operation. Keep in mind that most plastic surgery scar removal operations are not typically covered by insurance, unless it was caused from a trauma or injury. If that is the case, then it may be partially covered.

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There are a number of different scar types out there that can come with different treatments, too. Keloid scars for example are the thick and embossed kind that is often darker in color than the skin all around it. These types of scars are usually treated with steroids, and then they can be cut out and closed by stitches. Normally there is a process that requires anesthesia, but you shouldn’t be down for the count for more than a couple days.

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Hypertrophic scars are also thick and risen, but they always stay within the original parameter of the wound or cut. Most often this kind of scar will heal on its own over time, however if it doesn’t then it can be fixed through plastic surgery. This is done by removing the extra scar tissue and repositioning it so that it heals in a less visible way. Depending on the location of the scar you may or may not need to go under anesthesia for this procedure, but you will need steroid injections afterwards for a while.

Facial scars are one of the most common types of scars out there, as they are usually considered cosmetic in most cases. These can occur due to very bad acne or even certain injuries, but since they are on a person’s face they typically do not involve more cutting to fix them. Instead, the surgeon will use a method called “dermabrasion” which is a methodic way of scraping off the top layers of the skin to smooth it out. The tool used is a hand held wheel that rotates with a lot of speed and can really smooth out the skin in a noticeable way. However, if you have a facial scar that is not related to acne and has a more defined line, the surgeon can sometimes cut and lift that area of the face. This kind of procedure falls under the surgical technique known as “Z-Plasty”, which is used to shape a face to its more natural lines. This kind of operation does require the expertise of an advanced board certified surgeon, so make sure that you are speaking to one before deciding to get any Z-Plasty operations.

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