Use Proper Bolting Tolls For Efficient and Accurate Bolting Operations

There are many industrial operations that are performed in industries on a daily basis. These operations include machining, drilling, welding, milling, etc., and among all of these operations, one of the most important operations is the bolting operation. The bolting operations are done while tightening or loosening of the fasteners and studs. It is important to ensure that all the bolting operations are done in a perfect manner. It is important for not only better efficiency and quality of your product but better accuracy in bolting operations also ensures the best level of safety at workplace.

To perform the bolting operation accurately and efficiently, there are bolting tools that are mainly used in industries. Here are some of the extensively used bolting tools in industries.

Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are very high power wrenches that are used for the operations where you need very high amount of speed and power. The impact wrenches are very efficient in tightening the bolts used in automobiles, production processes and so forth. The impact wrenches are used along with specially designed sockets for the wrenches. The normal sockets are designed to bear the high impacts that are made by the impact wrenches during the operation. The impact sockets are made from very high quality high carbon steel which can bear the high impact exerted by the impact wrenches. Using impact sockets is also better for safety purposes as the normal sockets can shatter very easily, and hence the debris from the shattered socket can be a great safety issue. There are two types of impact wrenches used in industries that electric impact wrenches and pneumatic impact wrenches. Although impact wrenches provide very high power yet they are not very accurate.

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Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are used for operation where you need high operational power along with high accuracy. The torque wrenches are provided with a digital or analogue display which can be used for reading the amount of force that has been applied on the fatten-er; hence you can easily stop the application of force to avoid any damage to the head of the fastener due to over-tightening. The torque wrenches are highly accurate as well as they are also very quite when operating. There are three types of torque wrenches available in the markets that are electric torque wrenches, simple torque wrenches and hydraulic torque wrenches.

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Nut Splitters

Nut splitters are the tools that are used for moving a jammed nut from the assembly. Other means such as hammering can damage the nearby assembly and also create sparks that may damage the places like oil and gas pipeline, hence nut splitters are used. These tools use high pressure vacuum to remove the nut in a very efficient and easy way without producing any spark or causing any damage to the assembly.

Other bolting tools that are used in industries are open end wrenches, pipe wrenches, special purpose wrenches, etc.

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