Best Destinations To Visit Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the fastest growing islands a lot of destinations that you can visit when you tour the country. The country has a climate that is dry and hot during the summer season. Most of the rain in the country falls during the winter. This article provides you with some of the great destinations in the country that are worth visiting during your holiday.

Bahrain City Centre

Bahrain city center is found in the central part of Panama. It is the biggest combination of entertainment and shopping centre in Bahrain. It has more than three hundred and fifty shops that feature high ends brands and has more than fifty restaurants and cafes. On its second floor, the mall has pools, slides and activities which you can enjoy during your tour.

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Bahrain National Museum 

The national museum was opened in 1988 and has a lot of cultural and historical attractions you can enjoy. It is located in a prime waterfront location at the edge of the Bahrain Capital city. The first floor has a traditional market where you can find a lot of traditional foods enjoyed by people in the country. Other exhibits found in the museum include sculpture displays and rotating art. In addition, there is a wildlife hall for you to enjoy.

Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve

This is a sanctuary with more than five hundred animals and more than one hundred thousand plant species. Most of the plant and animal species you find here are native to the Arabian Peninsula. The park has two sections and there are bus tours that can move you as you tour the park. In this park, you will enjoy seeing some of the rarest creatures such as the Oryx which is almost getting extinct.

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Qatar Al-Bahrain

This is an archaeological site found in the Arabian Peninsula with a height of thirty nine feet. It is located six kilometres away from Manama city. It has a huge amount of antiques, with seven stratified layered fort, spread over ten thousand square feet. The mounded structure shows a small settlement with small houses made of binding material. This is a destination that provides a beautiful look to your eyes.

Al Fateq Mosque 

This is one of the largest mosques in Bahrain with the ability to hold more than seven thousand audience. Built in 1988, it is made of glass, marble and tweak wood. The mosque has a very beautiful dome made of fiber glass and offers a fascinating view at night.

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Jebel Al Dukhan

This is also referred as the mountain of smoke. It is the highest point in Bahrain with a height of 143 meters. It also has several types of caves that are worth trying to enter inside. The southern part of the mountain provide conducive environment where you can camp overnight. Bottom line just like when you are most other countries, you will require Bahrain Visa to be permitted to visit the country. You need to apply for the visa in advance to prevent inconveniences that may occur at the last minute.

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