Best Side Dishes For Dosa/Idli

dosa side dishes

Dosas and idlis are a staple food of the people from the South of India. While most people consume dosa and idli with sambar or chutney, not many are aware of the brilliant combination of these two with meat gravies and curries. By mixing the two, you can give your breakfast and other meals the zest that it requires.

There are different types of meat curries and gravies that can complement dosas and idlis. You can try cooking them at your own and even order meat online with Licious – offering some of the best meat in the country right at your doorstep.

Chicken Curry:

This is one of the most classic Indian dishes irrespective of the region where you are from. However, if you are from South India, having idlis as well as dosa with chicken curry is something that you need to try out at least once before knowing how awesome it is. The almost bland tastes of the idlis and dosas make up for it with their soft texture that is excellent with chicken curry that is very spicy.

Goat Intestine Curry:

Another famous dish that one can have along with idlis and dosas is the “AatuKudalKozhambu” or goat intestines curry. The dish contains soft, succulent pieces of meat that swim around in some spicy curry and is one of the most famous accompaniments to idlis or dosas for breakfast all over the state. One can get online meat delivery done with the help of Licious.

Mutton Chukka:

This is another dish that is a popular side dish for dosa and idli. Mutton chukka is a sort of paste/mashed mutton dish that is very spicy and is excellent to have for breakfast, especially with idli which complements it excellently. If you are one of those people who only consume halal meat, you can get your own online halal meat with the help of Licious.

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