Top 5 Swimming Tips For Beginners

Top 5 Swimming Tips For Beginners

Swimming is an excellent exercise and the sooner you realize this, the closer you get towards a healthy life. Once a person learns swimming and starts enjoying it, he opens himself up for numerous benefits that go a long way in rewarding him with not only a healthy body but also a fresh mind. Now, most people, right at the initial stages of receiving swimming lessons, tend to quit because of certain problems. Yes, problems like difficulty in breathing, muscle cramps or feeling extremely weak after a swim are common. But at the same time, these are not reasons enough to prompt you to stay back from taking part in the swim lessons in Missouri city. Instead, what you should ideally do is identify your problem areas and follow some essential tips for learning things faster and with greater effectiveness.

1. Overcome Your Fear

This tip is perhaps the most important one for those who have a fear of the waters. Now, certain people are compelled to take up swimming at quite a mature age because of certain specific reasons such as obesity, muscle pain and so on. For them, it becomes a little difficult to get acquainted with the waters in the same way as the young ones do. If you are one among them, just keep in mind that waters are very welcoming and the process of learning swimming has 0% chance of causing any harm whatsoever to you. Trust your trainers for they have years of experience in making people learn how to swim. Once you get away with your baseless fear, you will actually realize how addictive the water is.

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2. Develop a Feel for the Water

Even if you are not quite afraid of the waters, there is no need to try to float in the pool in the first few days of your training. Doing things faster than necessary and forcefully will only leave you with a sore body and a heavy breathe. As a beginner, you should concentrate on developing a feel for the water more than anything else. Just stand in the shallow water with your feet placed firmly on the rocks and gently move your arms and hands in the water. Push your palms against the water to get a feeling of the water pressure. Once used to this, couch down slightly and let the waters bear a bit of your weight. Do not stop moving your hands and arms all this time. Practice this everyday for at least five minutes as this is also a great way of developing your skills for a freestyle swim.

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3. Blow Bubbles in the Water

The technique of breathing is of utmost importance when it comes to swimming. And the secret to successful breathing lies much in knowing how to exhale. Swimmers often try to hold their breath when their face is under the waters and this creates extreme anxiety and physical discomfort for especially, for the beginners. Instead of holding your breath, learn the art of exhaling just the right way by blowing bubbles in a stream. During your initial days as a swimmer, just put your head down in the waters and do the same as you do while sighing. This will let you blow bubbles. With considerable practice, you will soon learn when to exhale and when to put your head up the waters to inhale.

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4. Use Fins

Fins, though not recommended for expert swimmers, are actually good for the beginners. These small swimming flippers help you in freestyle swimming. As opposed to a common myth, using fins to make your strokes perfect at the time of learning swimming is definitely not cheating.

5. Do a Lot of Exercise

Swimming brings you more benefits than cycling, running or any other exercise but it also requires you to spend a lot of energy. Beginners often feel too tired or sick after a session of swim. This feeling of fatigue can be overcome by warming up well before the session. Apart from exercising, it is essential for you to follow a proper diet plan. Whether it is the exercises you practice or the diet you follow, your swim trainer is the best person to guide you to the right direction.

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