Best Types Of Roofs For Cold Weather Climates

There are usually three major types of roofs out there. These include white roofs, green roofs and the solar panels roofs. The best type of roof to put in a cold season is the solar paneled roof as it captures hot air and reflects into the house heating systems and when the tiles becomes hot too, they melt the ice and snow. The green roofs are also better than the white roofs during the cold seasons for they lower both the cooling and heating needs. The green roofs do not keep the house warm and by this the solar paneled roofs outdo the green roofs in a more effective angle.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are the most commonly used roofs in times of cold weather, and this is because they slide the snow and ice off which prevents formation of huge bundles of ice and later causes the house to become cold. Houses mostly become cold due to the accumulation of snow around the house and thus, it is important to come up with ways which will prevent accumulation of snow on your roofs. If the metal roofs are properly installed in a house this could help keeps the house warm during the winter season. Metal roofs are heavy and therefore due to their heaviness they are able to retain the heat during the day and transfer the heat at night when it gets extremely cold.

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It is important to install them and seal the floor of the roof so that the warm air in the house remains intact and does not rise to the roof as the temperature of the roof is equal to the temperature outside the house. Once the warm air reaches the roof it escapes and it gets cold due to the ice and snow formation outside the house. Insulation also prevents accumulation of snow and ice on your roofs due to the accumulation of the warm air inside the house.

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Cement Tiles

Cemented roofs using concrete are usually extremely strong and can withstand any weather conditions. They are also fireproof and hence are protective in case of fire. The cement tiles contains a curved product which is made of cement, sand and pigments where you place them under the underlayment from the bottom to the top. The weight of the cement is equal to three layers of asphalt shingles and therefore tends to be stronger.

Gable Roof

A complicated roof design may be problematic in future like snow and ice buildup in the nooks and crannies or pine needles which would lead to major repercussions. Thus, a simple gable roof is the solution where it is a strong roofs and it can shed away snow and ice with ease preventing the house from becoming cold.

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Roofs with No Openings

It is advisable to install roofs without cutting any holes on your roof may it be to place the chimney or for skylight. These holes create room for ice and snow accumulation and later the ice melts off due to the warmth of a house. Therefore it is important to place some of these features with a lot of caution and have enough knowledge on how to put them and avoid situations of ice accumulation during winter or cold climates.

This is a time and money saving system that will help in melting the accumulated ice during the cold season. It may be expensive to install, but it is better than changing your roofs after every climate change.

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