How To Get A Good Healthy Bedroom

How To Get A Good Healthy Bedroom

There are few things more essential to the health and general welfare sleep well. If a couple, for example, have sleeping trouble, it can get to affect the relationship. After all, be patient, kind and attentive is more difficult if you are tired all the time, or with back or neck pain due to not rest well. Given the importance of sleep, a comfortable, airy room, a new mattress that is comfortable and has good support, you can put a positive spin on life.

How Healthy Is A Bedroom

Temperature: No Fine

Cold is healthier than the heat and can protect it with a good quilting or quilt. If possible, avoid electric blankets, you always unplug before bed. The relative humidity must not exceed 70% or be less than 40%, while the ideal temperature should be around 18 ° C (slightly more for children and seniors).

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Without Electrical Pollution

Halogen lamps, electric clocks, or even the cables and wall outlets that are found near the bed, can create electric and electromagnetic fields, disrupting sleep. Try electrical appliances away from the bed, or unplugging from the electrical outlet.

Linen, Cotton Bed

It is desirable that the sheets, shams and pajamas are 100% cotton, to prevent static electricity from synthetic fibers. It is advisable to wash the sheets and clothing before first use, as this will remove more than 90% of the volatile chemicals they contain.

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Solid Furniture

To create a comfortable space bedroom furniture should not block the passage. If possible, avoid furniture coherent fiber tail containing formaldehyde. Opt for solid wood. The finishes and care must be made with natural paints and varnishes and waxes and aromatic plant essences.

Fresh Air

In sleep we consume a lot of air, which facilitates cellular oxygenation and detoxification of the body. Therefore, it is very important to ensure proper airflow in the bedroom, avoiding direct airflow.

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Non Toxic Products

Disinfectants and cabinets moth products can be toxic if inhaled, so it will be best to use ecological alternatives such as wood and bags of herbs and aromatic essences.

Goodbye To Dust and Allergy

It is very important to maintain cleanliness and order in the bedroom and avoid accumulation of dust as it is a breeding ground for mites and microorganisms.

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