City Of Buenos Aires

City Of Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires, one of the most important in Latin America, is a cosmopolitan and multifaceted city. With evident universal influence, astonishes the tourist. It is the capital of Argentina and vital bond of the nation. European architecture, many streets reminiscent of Paris. Witness her important cultural life are numerous museums, exhibition halls and conference rooms, art galleries, theaters and national and international premier shows. The Colón, one of the most important opera houses in the world, is located next to various scenarios, an intense musical activity that covers all genres including of course the famous and typical Tango; and the city is frequently visited by orchestras, ensembles and soloists from around the globe. Financial, market and economic headquarters of the country, is the main port in the nation. Your business is very intense, reflected in numerous local major global brands, galleries and shopping malls. Its nightlife is varied and runs late into the night. Nightclubs, restaurants, bars and many other attractions for all tastes are spread throughout the city offering innumerable tourist offer. Your hotel accommodation ranges from luxury hotels 5 star international chains like Sheraton Buenos Aires, 725 Continental Hotel, Torre Cristoforo Colombo, Sheltown Hotel, Torre San José, Art suites.

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Nothing better to start by knowing the downtown area of ​​the City with its historic sites. The Plaza de Mayo, the Cabildo, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Obelisk are some of the important sites. Notable bars of Buenos Aires are the “tortoni coffee”, “violet” “Cao bar” “cafe of angels” Buenos Aires, The neighborhood of La Boca dazzles with its street or open air museum Caminito. Stuck, is the neighborhood of San Telmo, the historic town with its quaint cobbled streets. That ancient atmosphere, in minutes we moved to the more modern part of the city: Puerto Madero. Building sophisticated, upscale restaurants and an unforgettable view of the river are part of this avant-garde district. Just steps away, the Ecological Reserve provides a scenario of pure outdoors nature. It’s time to explore the northern part of Buenos Aires. You can start with the visit of the Recoleta Cemetery and the neighboring Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Then move to -within Chinatown neighborhood of Belgrano that surprised by the enormous proliferation of bars and restaurants with the seal of the oriental culture.

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The Costanera Norte, and its privileged view of the river, meets various attractions. One that can not be missed? Theme Park and Religious Holy Land, which recreates 20 centuries of religious history. Undoubtedly Buenos Aires defines his passion for football and attend a party Sunday is an unforgettable experience for any visitor. Attend the “stadium of Boca” Bombonera- or better known as the “River Stadium”-the emblematic rides of Monuments constitute themselves for the unique fervor generated there. To say goodbye to this city also-close Sunday a day perfectly nothing better to go to a pizzeria.

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The surroundings of the city of Buenos Aires provide multiple possibilities for miniturismo. From the Rio de la Plata with its fabulous delta areas and Tigre Escobar; through the stately homes and river coast in San Isidro. Buenos Aires is the Capital of Tango, the sensual and nostalgic dance is full of stories, secrets and passions, manifest today in the lyrics, music and dance, which looks at shows and that practiced in milongas. The City of Buenos Aires has numerous tango orchestras and live dancers. The most renowned places with live shows usually include dinner (with the possibility to choose between Argentine beef or international menus).

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