When we look around the world and search for the best countries, we always see the name of Canada in the list. Canada is considered as one of the best countries in the world, in almost every aspect. Moreover, those who have ever spent some time in Canada, says the same thing about this country. Below are some of the things that can prove that Canada is one of the best places to live:

  • Apologizing culture: Canadians are said to be the nicest people who would apologize for every single thing. They would even apologize for the mistake that they did not commit.
  • Natural beauty: Canada is blessed with the natural beauty more than any other region. It has almost 3 million lakes that are more than any other country in the world.
  • Movie locations: this country is so beautiful that we often see its cities in the Hollywood movies including Halifax, Vancouver, and a lot of other cities of Canada.
  • Clean environment: In this overly polluted world, Canada has the cleanest air in the world. In other words, it has been ranked 3rd for the cleanest air in the planet.
  • Humorous people: No one can deny the fact that the Canadian have the best sense of humor. They are the most hilarious people who would love to stay happy and spend a good life.
  • Best chocolate: When it comes about the chocolates, the sweet lovers always keep the name of Canada on the top. It is because the Canadian chocolate has the best taste in the world.
  • Ski country: We can say that Canada has the best places to use your ski or snowboards.
  • Self-identity: the people of Canada are not only humorous and kind hearted, they also have high self- esteem. This is the reason that Canada proudly does the national branding and is very successful in it.
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These are some of the reasons that can attract you to go there. So, if you are deciding something like that, let me tell you about the new announcement by the Canada- A V E agency that is completely independent of the Canadian government.

According to the new announcement, the travellers to Canada need to get the eTA Canada or the Electronic Travel Authorization Canada. In other words it can be said that the eTA Canada is like a permission that is granted by the Canada- A V E agency to enter their country. This step has been taken by them to avoid any activity that can harm the people over there. This is the reason that the Canada- A V E agency has tried their best to keep the process as simple as possible.

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To get yourself registered, you need to get the form. You can get this the eTA Canada form online and then fill it out. The best parts are that you can submit is online and will have to only $7 CAD. Moreover, it is suggested by the Canada- A V E agency that the travellers must get their eTA Canada at least 3 days before leaving.

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