5 Indian Craft Beers You Just Have To Try

India is fast becoming a hotspot for any beer lover. In Bangalore alone, there are almost 20 brewpubs – a pub with an onsite brewery – and the trend is spreading like wildfire. From Mumbai to Bengaluru, small breweries are popping up across the nation and the ales and beers on offer extend much further than simply strong, light and ultra.

So forget about your Cobra and get ready for our five craft beers that will keep you cool this summer.

Bengaluru’s Biere Club

As Bengaluru’s first craft brewery, you can expect to taste innovation with every sip. Their traditional tipples such as lagers, ales, stouts and wheat brews can rival the likes of the West’s biggest beer names but it is their experimental drinks that should get you excited. Their repertoire includes the likes of varying seasonal craft beers that are heavier during the winter and lighter during the summer. For an extra twist, try their fruity beers that feature the likes of mango and other summer delights!

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Bengaluru’s Arbor Brewing Company

Elsewhere in India’s craft beer capital is the Arbor Brewing Company. It is known for its Belgian Witbier, but it is the Raging Elephant that keeps patrons coming back. This delightful bitter is an unexpected one. With golden hues and a floral scent you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a cider. Although, one sip of its malty taste will fix that.

In addition to their one-of-a-kind flavours, this brew house places an emphasis on sustainable business practice, local sourcing and community involvement.

Mumbai’s White Owl

Head to Mumbai’s White Owl and not only are the home-brewed delights delicious, they are also served in adorable glasses featuring owl designs. While you are there, we recommend the Diablo, an enticing caramel-flavoured Irish-inspired red ale, or the Torpedo, an American Pale Ale. For something a little different, have a lick of one of their beer lollies – the perfect summer treat.

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Pune’s Doolally

Doolally is the brewery that started it all. Based in Pune and long established as one of India’s best, it now has branchesacross Mumbai and it is the place to be seenat the weekend. They serve arguably the best cider this side of Somerset and the Oatmeal Stout’s coffee after taste is as unique as it is scrumptious. Other worthy beers of note are the Bajri (Millet) and the Jaggery Ale.

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Bengaluru’s Toit

As one of Bengaluru’s best and most modern breweries, Toit is must visit for beer enthusiasts. Their Basmati Blonde blends Basmati rice with blonde ale, creating a perfect fusion that is testament to the myriad of influences in India. It is certainly potent, but the fragrant rice blend compliments the ale and lessens its bitterness. Whether you want behind-the-scenes access with a brewery tour or simply want to try their creative craft beers, they are a tasty addition to India’s intoxicating landscape.

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