Blackberry Classic: Returns To Its Brand’s Luster

Blackberry Classic: Returns To Its Brand's Luster

It must be admitted, the Canadian Blackberry has lost its luster in recent years. The Canadian firm whose trademark was efficient and ergonomic physical keyboard is lost in the adventure of any touch.

Its new CEO, John Chen, arrived at the head of the company there is little, wished to restore the brand’s emblem by refocusing its business on what he could do: security, services, and smart phones resolutely pros. The model is available now for $449 in the US or €429 in Europe.

Thus the Blackberry Passport, whose target is clearly professionals, symbolized the revival of the brand. Now Blackberry announced smart phone for this time to the public and that will appeal probably fans of the brand, but certainly not the others: Blackberry Classic.

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Features of Blackberry Classic  

We can’t say that the smart phone has features worthy of a monster of technology, far from it. It is equipped with a two year old 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 along with 2GB of RAM. Optical side, it has an 8 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel front sensor.16GB internal memory and 128GB of external storage and runs with the operating system on BlackBerry  10.3.1, FM Radio, also a battery power of 2515 mAh and again the battery has been designed to provide 22 hours of life with typical use.

It’s 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 720 x 720 pixels seem small compared to what the competition is doing. Yes, but the competition does not have the physical keyboard of the Blackberry Classic. That’s true, but still.

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For that is the whole essence of the product, win back fans of the physical keyboard. And on that Blackberry is undoubtedly the best. Best of all, the track pad is back. Another specialty of the brand, autonomy.

Make no mistake, the Blackberry Classic is touching and has the latest version of the OS BB10 house which he must admit is very intuitive and renews the user experience. The Hub is very effective to manage different email accounts (email, SMS, social networks). The problem remains the implementation library provided enough, although Blackberry has succeeded in creating a partnership with Amazon to have its App Shop.

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However, the smartphone should especially fans of the brand to fans of the physical keyboard, track pad and nostalgic… that’s all. The players, multimedia enthusiasts, power search users spend their way above the price at which it is proposed: 429 euros. This seems excessive to the views of a datasheet which brings us back in 2012. So for fans or users looking for an effective physical keyboard know that you can now order the Blackberry Classic on the website of the brand.

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