Best 5000 mAh Power Banks In India

Its 7 pm and what a wonderful evening it is. But a vibration alerts me that my phone’s battery is low. Welcome to the world of smartphone users. We all use smartphones and have agreed to the fact that the battery of our smartphones needs to be charged at least two times a day. There is no escaping this fact. And as most of the phones these days do not have a user replaceable battery or even user replaceable back covers, the only solution is to carry a powerbank with you. We prepare a list of the best power banks available today that can help you in your time of need and become your best travel companion.

  1. RomossPolymos 5 Power Bank
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This is one of the cheapest 5000 mAh power banks available in the market today. It has an amazing design and comes in an attractive white and silver color. It is very thin and has a Polymer battery. The Polymos 5 has two USB ports for dual output and high charging efficiency. The two ports have 5V 1A and 5V 2.1A outputs.

  1. Lenovo Power Bank Pb410

The power bank from Lenovo is one of the bestselling power banks across online portals in India. Available in a classic silver color, it has LED indicators on the front and the Lenovo logo which complement the design of the power bank. It also has 2 USB ports for Dual output and a microUSB port for charging the power bank itself. The 5000 mAh power bank has one of the highest ratings and positive reviews and is a top selling power bank in this category.

  1. Sony CP-V5/RC Power Bank
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This beautiful looking power bank from Sony is very stylish looking piece. It is available in a variety of colors like red, white, black and silver. A micro USB is included in the packaging. It has a Li-ion Polymer battery. The standard output of the power bank is 5V 1.5A. Its features include fast charging capability and an LED indicator for indicating the battery capacity. It has an Ultra Slim aluminum Body which is good to hold in your hand.

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Get hold of these power banks and never miss an important call again. These power banks provide a practical solution to battery woes of smartphone users. So you can always enjoy movies, videos and games on your way back home, without worrying about your phones battery.

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