Bottle Sparklers In Nightclubs: Are They Safe?

If you’re anything like me, you probably frequent your local bar and nightclub scene to help you escape the daily grind and unwind a little. When you become a regular at those types of places, you start to pick up on the new trends as they come and go through the industry. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of nightclubs offering bottle service, but even more recently they’ve been using a lot of bottle sparklers to draw attention to this service, and I suspect it’s due to the high amount of profits they can make in a single sale when someone purchases bottle service.

Now, I’m all for bars and nightclubs making their fair share of profits, but you need to draw the line somewhere and I believe that safety is as good of place as any. From the first time that I saw a nightclub using bottle sparklers indoors, I was concerned about what could possibly happen; especially if the club is really packed with people. So, I did some observation, asked a few questions, and researched bottle sparklers on the internet to see what I could turn up. What I found was quite interesting and it was definitely worth the effort.

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The good news is that bottle sparklers are generally safe and there are very few incidents on record. The only incidents that I could turn up were a few mild burns and not a single instance of a large-scale fire. Additionally, the times when there was a mild injury it was caused by incorrect attachment of the sparkler to the neck of the bottle. This means that you can virtually eliminate any risks associated with using bottle sparklers indoors if you follow the proper procedures and safety protocol.

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So what exactly where these nightclubs doing wrong when they had their incidents? Until recently, nightclubs were forced to rely on all sorts of makeshift fasteners for their bottle sparklers. I’ve heard stories of everything from rubber bands to duct tape being used to attach sparklers to a bottle, but then one day somebody came up with a better way. They are called bottle sparkler safety clips, and they are the only way to ensure that your bottle sparklers stay attached to your bottles 100% of the time.

Bottle sparkler safety clips come in three different variations; a single clip for holding one bottle sparkler, a double for holding up to two bottle sparklers, and a triple clip that can hold up to three bottle sparklers at one time. The fundamentals are quite simple; there’s a larger end of the clip that attaches to the neck of your bottle and between one and three small parts where you clip in the sparklers. This holds your bottle sparklers securely so they can’t fall off unexpectedly.

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Once I learned about the safety clips, I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief. As long as the top bars and nightclubs in your area are using the proper safety clips, you can enjoy your evening without fear of anything bad happening. Like most things in the industry, bottle sparklers were thoroughly tested before they started to be used indoors, so there’s really no cause for concern.

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