Calling All Locksmiths: Are You Still Turning Down uPVC Work?

In the UK, the majority of homes are now fitted with uPVC doors, primarily due to the fact that they offer a far greater level of security than their wooden counterparts, thanks to strong, multi-point locks. It’s a known fact that home insurance is often lower on houses fitted with these now standard higher security doors and, as a result, many have chosen to replace older wooden doors with brand new uPVC doors. Despite this, however, many locksmiths are still turning down repair work on uPVC doors, simple due to the fact that they’ve not taken the time to upgrade their skillset and undertake a brief training course which puts them on their way to tackling such jobs. If you’re currently working as a locksmith and this sounds like you, stop for a moment and ask yourself why?

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You’re Losing Business

Anyone running a business knows the importance of taking any work you can (within reason) and to be having to turn down business simply due to not having had the training to tackle uPVC work is no excuse. From taking a quick look around the internet at the various training courses available, it’s clear that it’s possible for you to learn the skills needed to tackle uPVC work in as little as a day with the likes of MPL Locksmith Training. When this is all it takes for you to be able to accept a much wider range of work, there really is no reason not to book yourself onto a course and get it over and done with. None of us like taking time away from work to go back to the classroom, however sometimes, the end result is well worth the time it takes.

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uPVC Is The Standard

With uPVC doors now the standard in UK homes, it’s now an absolute must that locksmiths are able to carry out repairs to such doors. It won’t be long before, with the odd exception, wooden doors are a thing of the past and even now, they’re becoming a much rarer sight. As such, the majority of calls made to locksmiths are starting to be regarding uPVC work and, as such, in order to be able to offer the level of service which customers expect, it’s absolutely essential that the right skills are held.

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With it taking as little as a day to expand your current locksmithing skills to include uPVC repairs and lock replacements, it’s an absolute no-brainer and the extra work which can be picked up will more than pay for the cost of the course. It’s one of those things which simply has to be done but when it’s done, it’s done. We’re unlikely to see any more rapid changes in terms of doors and windows over the coming years so it’s likely to be a one-off course.

If nothing else, you owe it to yourself to keep up with the latest standards and, as such, be able to offer a comprehensive offering to your local client base.

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