4GB RAM In Your Smart Phones, What’s The Benefit?

4GB RAM In Your Smart Phones, What's The Benefit?

Your next smartphone may have as much RAM as your laptop, Xiaomi showed a new smartphone that has great effect to the observers, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. Admittedly its data sheet has something to rival competitors.

One item in particular caught our attention, 4GB of RAM. It’s much anyway. We had already identified this element during the announcement of the Asus Zenfone 2 at CES 2015. At present it is the only smartphone boasts 4 GB of RAM. Yes, what’s the point of having a smartphone with 4GB of RAM? Here are some answers.

4 GB Of RAM for Increased Performance

The arrival of the first smartphones has totally transformed the mobile usage among users. To call and send SMS / MMS, smart phones have created new needs. We all started to surf the web, take pictures or play video games. The years since then manufacturers have stepped up efforts to improve our user experience. The screens became larger and more efficient components. All this with a single purpose, to adapt to our increased performance requirements.

Obviously chip makers like Samsung have started a race for the most powerful technologies. And after smartphones equipped with less than 1GB RAM we got to devices with 4 GB. When we see the power of a device like the Galaxy Note 4 has “only” 3 GB RAM it is asked what will happen in a device with 4 GB.

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And because such power dramatically improves the performance of smartphones. Particularly in terms of speed and fluidity. So with 4GB data rates will be multiplied by two. And it must be to fit this really intense use by some users who do almost everything with their mobile companion.

Better Management of Multitasking

Obviously, as good geeks that we are, we want to do with our smartphone, but all at the same time. It is therefore essential to have components that hold water. The applications that are used are becoming more demanding, games require a lot of power to deliver impressive graphics, the quality of photos and videos is remarkable.

To take the road, RAM 4 GB limits the slowdowns and bugs and provide a better experience of multitasking. We do one, two or twenty things at once, you can’t see the difference. It’s fluid, fast, that’s what we need, right?

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Support Ultra HD

4GB of RAM is also the assurance of being able to support all the improvements of our devices. Today, many smartphones are for example able to film in Full HD quality. But the new versions like the Galaxy Note 4 can shoot in Ultra HD.

And to take advantage of this technology, 4GB of RAM is almost essential (the Galaxy Note 4 merely 3 GB). At least for combining capture Ultra HD, a high-performance, multi-task and increased performance.

Improved Battery Life

Finally, and this is probably what users want most. 4GB of RAM combined with quality components will considerably improve autonomy. For it is precisely here that the whole issue of builders: to offer ever more efficient devices without impacting their autonomy, at least not negatively.

Besides, many users do not understand that manufacturers deliver the finest battles or larger screens while they have not found a solution to improve the autonomy of the devices.

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Because the name of the game is good at this level. Thus, the new processors coupled with 4GB of RAM will show impressive performance, enjoying all the most cited above, while saving up to 40% of battery life. This is huge. And there is no doubt that users will appreciate this advantage.

4 GB RAM greater Autonomy

Obviously all this is based only on technical data and it will be to step back to check for any more provided by a RAM of 4 GB. Especially since, as everyone knows, one component is not enough for a smartphone a technology freak.

It is complementary components together that brings the best results but also the symbiosis between these components and the software part. The first benchmarks the Asus Zenfone 2 demonstrate .

It is too early to say that the integration of 4 GB of RAM is required. The initial feedback and the first comparative will tell us more about that. But there is a safe bet that some users exploiting intensively their devices, 4GB of RAM, it will not be too much.

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