Children’s Activities In Central Park, NYC

Central Park is the great, green heart of NYC. It’s a perfect retreat to spend quality time in the midst of both natural and man-made charms. Locals head to the park to escape the craziness of a cosmopolitan city that throbs with the energy and the aspirations of over 8 million people. Perfect for families, couples and individuals alike, this 843-acre green space was actually conceptualized and designed by keeping kids in mind. You can expect a lot of children’s activities apart from meadows, forests, lakes, spectacular architecture and monuments. The little ones can expect to find plenty of things to do and see for a perfect day-out with the family.

Here are the top children’s activities in Central Park:

Tisch Children’s Zoo

Central Park has a petting zoo within its larger zoo to give children a really great time. The Tisch Children’s Zoo is located within the main zoo in the park and is home to birds, frogs, turtles and other animals. Plus, little ones can feed animals here and feel thrilled.

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Belvedere Castle’s “Woods and Water Exhibit”

Take your kids to this exhibit if you want them to return back with lots of knowledge and fun-filled memories. This exhibit is designed especially for kids and gives them plenty to learn about the flora and fauna of the park.

Central Park Carousel

Children love taking a spin on the carousel as it makes them feel delighted. When in Central Park, let your little ones enjoy every bit of a conventional traditional merry-go-round.

Boat Rides on the Lake

You can rent a rowboat from the Loeb Boathouse and have a lovely time on the lake. Boat rides are available whether you visit in spring or summer. While boating around the lake, your kids can see ducks and swans on the water.

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Fishing at the Meer

The calm waters of the Meer are perfect for enjoying a session of catching and releasing fish. You are provided a fishing pole so you can go out and spend quality time with your family in this very entertaining way. You can expect a variety of fish such as catfish, grass carp and golden shiners.

Biking around the Park

Children can rent a bike and ride around the park for a great day out. Central Park bike tours are a perfect way to enjoy the vast area, take in nature and see or experience things at your own pace. Stopovers at famous landmarks in the park, coupled with information sharing by the expert guide will add to your knowledge.

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Swimming at Lasker Pool

Your children would not want to leave the park without swimming, especially when they are here during the summer. So, take them to Lasker Pool and let them play in the water as your kids will love it. But yes, be sure to check out what times they are open before heading there.

Model Boat Sailing

If your kids are fond of boat sailing or racing, take them to Conservatory Water so that they can have fun. Here, they can engage in model boat racing and even get lessons in sailing.

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