Steps To Take When Your Ex-Spouse Refuses To Pay Child Support

Steps To Take When Your Ex-Spouse Refuses To Pay Child Support

A divorce is a very unfortunate even for the couple as well as for the child. However, under unavoidable circumstances when a divorce becomes a necessity it is assumed that both the parents will support their child until he reaches the age of 21. When a court orders one or more of the parents to pay for child support they are legally entitled to follow the instructions. If one parent fails to uphold their duty they can be penalized for their disregard towards the child. Under such circumstances the general tendency is to settle the issue outside the court. It is important to remember that doing things by your common understanding may not always provide the most effective solution.

In many situations even after the divorce, spouses maintain friendly relations among each other where it is possible to sit down and discuss the issues regarding custody and child support in an instructive manner, however, you should remember that if you feel that you are not getting what you deserve then do not hesitate to solicit advice from your family lawyers in Brisbane. Family lawyers in Brisbane usually know a lot more than what any common person knows about the legal aspects of child support and custody battles and is aware of different measures which can be taken to enforce the payment of child support .

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Here is a list of various things which can be initiated to force a non-obliging parent to pay child support

Your family lawyer in Brisbane can get an income execution issued under which child support is deducted directly from the nonconforming parent’s wage and given directly to the custodial parent.

You can also enter into a money in judgment against the defaulted party or  get the driving license of the default in party suspended.

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In extreme conditions the professional occupational or business license of the defaulted party maybe ended or if the amount of child support is not paid to the defaulting party in spite of having all the economic resources at their disposal, with the help of a family lawyer in Brisbane you can consider getting the defaulter thrown inside a jail.

So if you are dealing with a unresponsive or an uncooperative ex-spouse who refuses to work with you for the best interest of your child it is always a good idea to enlist professional assistance.

In certain cases when one parent moves to another state they might think that he or she is no longer required to pay child support. In order to force your spouse to pay for your child’s child support you first have to determine whether they still fall under the jurisdiction of your state court and if it is not then your state court can forward to child support order to the court in your ex spouses new state.

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 Under extreme circumstances when your ex spouse does not have a job and is currently unemployed, he/ she can stop paying child support to the other parent. Under such circumstances he or she can file a petition to the court to reduce the child support payment or put them on hold for certain amount of time. However, once he/she gets a job they ares responsible to pay the overdue child support payments. au is a nonprofit organization in Australia who has been extending services regarding all legal matters related to family law to the citizen of Australia at a very minimal cost. Their main mission is to create a law firm where people can avail affordable legal advice.

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