Choose The Best Facebook Cover For Your Business

Small businesses are flocking to Facebook to spread their brand name. Now the challenge becomes how to stand out from all the other small businesses on Facebook. One way to do that is to make the best choice possible for your cover.

The cover photo on your company’s Facebook page gives you the chance to show the style, mission, and personality of your business. The right cover photo will let you stay in your customers’ and members’ minds without spending tons of money on advertising.

This decision allows you to make the most out of the available space to gain followers and engage your current customers.

Facebook Customers

The people who use Facebook do so to connect. So as you choose a cover photo for your business page, you need to think about what they’ll like as real living people, not just potential customers. People who are drawn to your page will be enticed by your subject matter and the niche you fill. So, while being creative, you absolutely must show the passion you have for what you do. Facebook fans and customers truly relate to this.

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Brand Relativity

The cover photo you choose to represent your business must be relevant to your brand. Don’t make potential customers wonder what that photo had to do with anything. The photo makes people decide to click your page or not. It’s a very important first impression. It makes no sense for a landscape artist to have photos of children in their cover photo, unless they are children enjoying the landscape that has been created by the company.

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Seasonal Updates

Try to make your cover photos relate to whatever season it is currently. This allows customers to feel up-to-date. Facebook perusers want instantaneous information, so they feel cheated if you are still sporting your parka pictures when they are donning sunscreen and bikinis.

Appeal to All Customers – Don’t Alienate

As with all business decisions, you must be careful that your photos don’t make anyone feel bad in your target audience. Try to choose a photo that appeals to all of your customers, and if that is impossible, target different segmentsof your audience by changing the cover frequently. Fortunately, you can find great photos on stock websites, even for free!

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Spotlight Your Actual Customers

We all like to feel important. Think about when people see themselves on the Jumbotron at a sports event. What if you were to put your customers and clients on your Facebook cover photo; its like the internet’s own little Jumbotron. Not only do you make your customers feel important, but you also show fans and potential customers what your passion is and how you support and endorse your customers. Your customers who are spotlighted will be thrilled and your other customers will keep coming back to see who is next.

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