Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

It’s the biggest day of your life, and you know you want to be a vision of loveliness in white, but where to start? Picking the perfect gown is a momentous decision, yet with so many types of wedding dresses on the market, finding the dress that fits, flatters and is utterly unforgettable is enough to send the calmest of brides into a spin. So here’s how to take the pain out of wedding dress shopping, for your very own fairytale wedding.


Wedding dresses aren’t cheap, and it’s very easy to get carried away. So always set a budget before you start to shop. The most important thing is not to feel pressurised into spending more – unless of course you really want to. Remember it’s your special day, and so you should choose the gown you want – not the one that anybody else thinks you should get. If money is very tight, but you don’t want to compromise, then consider an ex shop sample. This way, you can achieve a massive 70% off the normal price.

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Choosing the Right Gown for your Body Shape

Whatever your size or shape, wedding gowns are designed to flatter. However, you need to opt for the right shape to maximise your best assets and minimise anything you don’t want to draw attention to.

Tricks and Tips for a Flattering Shape

  • The large gathered skirt on a ball gown style dress will narrow the waist, and add curves to boyish figures, but can be too overwhelming for a petite bride.
  • Generally speaking, the older a bride, the less she should reveal. Older brides will find a bateau neckline,
  • A line dresses will suit most body shapes, and are one of the most slimming and flattering styles
  • Empire line dresses lengthen and minimise pear shapes
  • If you’re very busty, opt for a scooped neckline to draw attention to your face and minimise your bust .
  • Mermaid dresses are great for curvy hour glass shapes, or for those who are very confident of their figure
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The Fitting

Venturing into a bridal boutique to find your perfect gown can be daunting, so follow these tips for the greatest chances of success.

  • Avoid wearing make-up. Getting lipstick or foundation on the gowns could prove to be a very expensive fitting!
  • Don’t go it alone. Always take friends or family for second opinions. Make sure they offer constructive criticism however. A notebook can be useful for writing down good and bad points about each dress.
  • Move about. Remember you’ll be wearing your dress all day, and will be throwing yourself around a dance floor after the ceremony itself. It’s one thing finding a beautiful dress, but if you can’t breathe or move you’ll be longing for your pyjama’s before you’ve even eaten anything.
  • Don’t buy a dress with the intention of losing weight for it to fit well.  Contact a Wedding specialist so that you buy the correct fit, and if weight is successfully lost, adjustments can be made later in the day.
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