Cigarette Tubes: How To Make Your Own Cigarette In 5 Easy Steps?

Life is getting more expensive in big cities, and buying cigarettes may be the biggest drain on your wallet. Making your own cigarettes could be the best idea to save dollars. And what could be more effective in saving the cost of smoking than using a cigarette tube.

As the days are passing the increasing cost of pre-manufactured cigarettes and the decreasing quality of tobacco in it, the smokers are seeking for a good alternative that can reduce the cost of smoking as well as give them a true smoking effect. Nowadays, a large amount of smokers around the world prefer the idea of making their own cigarettes. After all, making your own cigarette gives you a unique way to customize your cigarettes as well. Mentioned below are five easy steps to prepare your own cigarette tubes:

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Step1: Get Cigarettes Tubes from Your Favorite Online Store:

The first step is to collect some good cigarette tubes and tobacco from your favorite online store. Cigarette tubes are widely available in most of the stores. A pack of cigarette tubes come with enough tubes that can make a good number of cigarettes and the overall cost is much lower than the pre-manufactured cigarettes. Tobacco prices vary depending upon the quality as well as the brand.

Step 2: Prepare the Tobacco:

Once you have collected your favorite cigarette tubes, you need to prepare the tobacco to put in the tubes. The best thing about these cigarette tubes is that you can use any blend of tobacco in filling up the tubes. Nevertheless, you need to properly prepare the tobacco before putting the same in the tube.

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Step 3: Use Tubing Machine:

You need to attach the cigarette tubes to the tubing machine in order to get the best smoking experience. A tubing machine helps you filling up the tubes with tobacco. You can grab some tobacco and put it on the tubing machine and push the tobacco gently by using the index fingers or your thumb.

Step 4: Packing the Tubes:

Different types of tubing machines are available in the market and each of them has their unique functionality. However, the chief purpose of this machine is to help putting the tobacco in the tubes right way by closing and pushing a device. You can put the tobacco right in the tubes by gently repeating the closing and pushing process. You should be careful in doing this and after a few times you will get a nicely packed cigarette that looks more pleasant than the roll-ups. Remember, if you be extra enthusiastic and put too much pressure, the cigarettes will get tighter, which can further spoil your smoking experience.

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Step 5: Removing the Cigarette Tubes:

Once the cigarettes tubes are filled with tobacco properly , you need to remove the tubes gently from the machine. Be extra careful here because if you don’t follow this step carefully the whole thing can go wrong. Repeat this process and after a while you will get a full packet of cigarettes.

Now that you have mastered the art of making your own cigarette, smoking will be an all-new experience.

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