Is Sleep, Anxiety, Memory and Work Productivity Inter-related?

Busy lifestyle and fast paced life has made many of us sleep deprived where we never mind losing a couple of hours of sleep to achieve important tasks. But in the process we forget that it affects our health and increases stress and anxiety.

How to Identify Anxiety?

There are very simple ways to find out if you are suffering with anxiety disorder. There are few symptoms that can help you to find out if you need help and accordingly you can plan out how to come out of anxiety disorder.Changing the life style is a very simple way to deal with anxiety.

Lack of Sleep has Many Negative Effects

When you lack sleep you experience fatigue which in turn slows down our work and we get results later than expected. Sometimes due to everyday stress and anxiety you cannot sleep well which again affects your work productivity. Thus sleep is interrelated to stress, anxiety, productivity and performance. Lack of sleep is also known to take a toll on your memory power.

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Anxiety is a very common problem today that has numerous other consequences. It slows down a person’s productivity and makes a person fail in his undertakings just by the fear of failing. Cognitive enhancement therapy is known to relieve you from anxiety where you learn to accept your fear and learn to face it in a relaxed manner which will help you focus better on your tasks.

Use of Nootropic Supplements Like Phenibut Improves Your Sleep

Phenibut is a Nootropic supplement that is known to improve a person’s cognitive performance along with improving his sleep. Most often nervousness is associated with anxiety and lack of sleep and Phenibut is one such substance that decreases nervousness and improves your cognitive skills.

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Technological and scientific advancements today have made it possible to employ certain techniques and drugs to improve sleep and also to relieve anxiety. And by combining both you can achieve better cognitive performance.Phenibut is a GABA-boosting supplement which is Gama aminobutyric acid that is a natural inhibitory neurotransmitter fund in the brain. GABA promotes sensations of relaxation and calmness that is essential; to overcome nervousness and also to improve sleep. Thus when you take Phenibut it reproduces GABA’s effects.

Simple Tips to Sleep Better

Sleep and Social anxiety are those two types of mental disorder which lead to disturbed social and personal life. These two types of disorders bring many other forms of distressed problems.

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Make sure that you sleep for at least eight hours in a day as it is essential for proper brain functioning and reduced anxiety. Proper diet or consumption of food is necessary to sleep better which requires you to avoid certain foods that are rich in sugars as they hinder with ones sleep. Make sure that you avoid sweets and desserts after supper as they might keep you up. A small bowl of yogurt is a better to be consumed after dinner or a glass of milk as it helps you to relax and sleep better. Before going to sleep, free your mind from all the daily activities as it will help you relax better.

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