Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor

Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor

Data loss is a common phenomenon and in most cases it is unplanned for. Data loss at times is very costly, loss of important information on your iOS devices can lead to lots of inconveniences. A part from loss of very useful information contacts, pictures, music and movies will also be lost. Having an effective backup extractor for iPhone nowadays is a necessity. Let’s have a look at one of such backup extractor Coolmuster iPhone backup extractor.

Coolmuster is an iPhone backup extractor. It usually helps you recover data once the data has been lost due to a variety of causes. Sinceits release in August 11,2013 it has been updated a number of times.It now has a built in preview which enables you to view and check for files before you begin the recovery process.By use of this preview ,you are in a position to get details about files which are recoverable.It also has a thumbnail and list preview modes.

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You can check the lost date by file category in original quality. These will include photos, videos, contacts, sms and others.

This software is a powerful data recovery function, with only one-click you will be in a position to recover your entire contact, sms, notes, calendarevents, call records among others. You will basically experience zero loss of data.

The software has an optionof recovering file one at a time or recovering them in batch. This will depend to your specific will run without launching iTunes or requiring you to plug your phone to a PC.

It usually supports all models of iPhones. This will include the latest iPhone 6.The other likes of iPhone 5 and 4 will also be supported.It has been specifically designed for iPhone users who have experienced or dread losing data, or even those who want to restore lost or deleted data.

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Some of the additional features of this software will include the high compatibility ability with other iOS devices. This includes the likes of iPods, ipad and the likes. The software also has an intuitive and user friendly interface. Its design has made the extraction process to simple and fun. This software works well on all windows system, including the likes of windows 8, 7, vista, 2003, 2000/NT.

This software has received a high rating among the people who have downloaded and used it. The manufactures have a 30 days money back if you are not satisfied with it, though in some sites it has been advertised as being free.

The following is a guide of how to extract messages from backup data in windows 8/7/XP/vista and also Mac OS X

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1. Windows 8/7/XP/vista

Select the icon of coolmuster on your device. Then select on ‘start scan’. This will initiate the scanning process to start. All you files which can be recovered will be divided into different folders. You can specify a specific search criterion for you to recover specific files. When you see the files you need to recover click on “recover button”. The files will save on your device or computer.

2. Mac OS X

Launch the iPhone backup extractor. Select start scan then choose on the files you need recovered. This will initiate the recovery process.

Coolmuster iPhone backup extractor is a software which uses a very simple but efficient interface to make your data recovery easier and fun.

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