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The Analytical Writing Assessment section in your exam paper mainly comprises of two essays, which are both different to each other not only by means of topic but also the style and the format for writing. This is a scoring section and producing proper and readable content can help you grab the grades that you have been long since aiming for. The two common types of essays that the students are commonly presented with in the analytical writing sections are the-

  • The Argument based essay, and
  • The Present issue based essay

Each of these two different types of essay contents has a time limit of half an hour to achieve completion. With a start comprising of a powerful thesis statement, you can now defend it, in the rest of your essay through

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Understanding the difference between the Arguments based Essay and the Issue Based Essay:

Before going on further with writing any of the two essays in the Analytical Writing Assessment part of your paper, it is of paramount important that you first understand the difference between these two distinct essays.

  • The Essay with an Argument

An essay is where you give information on a specific topic and define it to the reader in the most efficient way. In an argument essay in the analytical section is where you support these information and research content presented by you in a logical context. Every thesis statement you make should have a pro and a con and should have proper logical reasoning to it. This helps in building a substantial argument, which can later be concluded by taking for of any one of the reasoning.

  • The Essay with an Issue
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This type of issue offers you to present your opinion on a present issue which can be anything amongst, culture, education, politics, present scenarios, and other facets of life. Provide a response that is backed with enough and more substantial evidence and also logic. This will make your point worthwhile and will also be better understood by the reader. Here the main point lies with responding to the general statement made and standing by your point with proper source and material.

Essentials of Scoring high in Analytical Writing:

Once you have understood the basic difference between these two above mentioned types of essays and their purposes, creating a structure that is worthy of both is only a matter of minutes. All you have to do now is put your words in to writing and show case your commendable writing skills. There are a lot of students who fail to fall amongst the gradation group of 3.0 to 5.0. The main reason to this is they have a hard time impressing their grader (who in this case is either a university or a college professor). The only way to get your desired grade is by putting forward a content that holds the attention of the reader till the very end. Once this is accomplished, scoring high on your analytical assessment writing is no big deal.

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