Distance MBA: The New Phenomenon

Education forms the fundamental requirement to achieve a secure and better lifestyle in today’s scenario. A wide variety of professional courses are available for the students to choose as per their interest and preferences. The new phenomenon budding in the field of education is Distance learning or distance education. Distance education provides a medium of access to learning when students are unable to physically attend the classes. Initially, distance learning was mainly used for the students in the rural areas who were away from educational institutions. They used to receive study material through mails and go to college to take an exam.

Distance MBA is one of the most commonly accepted professional course and is considered the best way to deliver quality education using limited resources. By reducing the cost of building facilities, infrastructure or expanding curriculum, the overall cost of education decreases and thus everyone can have a more economic access to knowledge and learning. The Distance MBA program uses conferencing technology to impart education nationally and internationally. Technologies like audio/video conferencing, satellite phones and others bridges the distance between the learner and instructor. The students receive their curriculum through satellite or fiber cables, televisions, audio cassettes and disks or printed materials. A lot of foreign universities exist these days that provide world class education through this distance learning module and allow students from all over the world to be a part of it.

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This Distance MBA program is very useful for those students who are unable to join the regular classroom approach either because of their financial and physical issues. Some of the students who are working to support their family or earn a livelihood can continue their studies from work place itself. Distance learning also provides the academic opportunities for students with certain level of physically disabilities which make impossible for them to continue the traditional form of education. The Distance MBA program may be divided in two categories: synchronous learning and asynchronous learning. The synchronous learning requires all the participants to be present at a fixed time just like the traditional class room approach. Web conferencing, educational television, live streaming and web based VoIP are the commonly used technology for synchronous Distance MBA courses like distance mba in hr, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, etc.. In case of asynchronous learning, participants have the access of course material as per their own schedules. Mail correspondence, messages in form of audio and video recordings are the basic technology used in such type of learning. A person opting for distance MBA will not have to compromise with the work and commitments assigned to him because the studies can be done at highly flexible time schedules.

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Furthermore, this form of education allows increased access to experts in the related field through online and internet facilities from any part of the world. As distance MBA program utilizes various technologies to communicate with each other, the students are exposed to an environment that is technically satisfying and sound. Distance MBA is a more cost effective approach in comparison to traditional MBA that provides students an opportunity to pursue the course of their choice.

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